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Zulu is an IWB (inside the waist band) light bearing holster.  It is typically carried between 3 and 6 o'clock (for a right handed shooter).  It comes standard with a 1.5" belt clip; other sizes are available upon request.  It also has an option for Pull the Dot soft loops.  The holster has adjustable retention and a slight forward cant to help reduce printing of grip.

Kydex thickness: .080


 As with all of our holsters we offer a lifetime warranty and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 


Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 26 ratings)
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Just an overall great holster!!!!
Written by Pete B. on Jul 14th 2020

I had been looking for a holster for my Sig P226 Tacops with a TLR-1HL. Finally found one here and I couldn’t be happier. The finish is outstanding and the fit is secure. The draw from the holster is smooth and for being an IWB holster for a full frame gun and light combo, it’s just fantastic. The clip for your belt is strong and does not move or get loose. I was a bit worried about weight of the whole rig. But with a good belt you are set. The wait is probably the hardest part but not terrible. Of course you want the holster ASAP, but the craftsmanship is well worth the wait. If I had to change one thing I would ship with UPS instead of USPS.

Great holster , better customer service
Written by Mike Homa on Mar 21st 2020

The holster is great I received a text from SAC asking about my order and we determined the light I wanted to use would not fit my gun properly. So I asked them to make the holster for a different gun. No problem, no hassle, just a sure thing we’ll get it done. Arrived a week or so later and I love it. Will be ordering again soon. Thanks SAC!

Zulu Holster
Written by BB8 on Feb 24th 2020

I ordered the Zulu Holster with zero cant for AIWB. I chose FDE and molded for a streamlight TLR7 light for my Pilymer80 pistol. The FDE was a shade or two lighter than my belt but it was close. The fit and finish were great. I have carried concealed for over four decades. This is the most comfortable inside the waist band holster I have ever worn. Even the price for a custom made holster was good.

Well worth the wait
Written by Justin W.C. on Jan 27th 2020

After much anticipation, I received my order from Squared Away Customs last week. Despite the longer than stated wait time, which was beyond anyone's control, I received two well made, professionally crafted holsters for my EDC. The fit & finish is spot on, absolutely no adjustments needed to be made on my part. Furthermore, all of the edges of both holsters are rounded & even, not a sharp edge could be found. Retention on both holsters is very good with my EDC seating & locking smoothly in place. Most importantly, to me, is that the draw from both holsters is among the best I have encountered, with generous room between the grip & holster for my larger than average hands. If you're in the market for a robust, well made holster, & are willing to be patient, I suggest considering this company for your next holster project.

Last stop for light bearing holster
Written by The One on Mar 14th 2019

I have to say I was skeptical about the outcome of this holster regarding how well it conceals. This holster makes my full size p80 g17 with a tlr1 and threaded barrel completely disappear under a fitted shirt and khaki shorts. The quality of this holster is second to none. I received it on the same day I received a 2 tone holster from IKC for my 1911. While this is not as snazzy as the IKC holster, the retention is better on this holster. The worst part of this transaction was the wait. I ordered just before Christmas and it took 12 weeks to fulfill entirely. It was well worth the wait. If your handgun setup is complete do not hesitate or waste any time. Order asap as it will take some time. Even if you are impatient like I am this is absolutely worth it. This holster makes IWB carrying a full size handgun with a light convenient and comfortable. I'll be back for more. Thanks Mark.

Everything I needed and nothing I didn’t.
Written by Eddie on Dec 1st 2018

Concealing a Sig P220 with a Surefire x300 attached under just a t-shirt is no minor undertaking... The Zulu won, by far the most comfortable and secure of the options I tried. My only regret is getting it without the belt claw. If you’re reading this wondering whether you’ll use this holster and get your money’s worth out of it versus something else, the answer is yes. I’ve been through a lot of holsters in the 15years I’ve been carrying so far, this is one of the good ones I’ll never get rid of, and the reason I’m on the site writing this review today is because I’m ordering another one. 100% satisfied.

Exactly what I asked for
Written by Jason Ferreira on Sep 2nd 2018

Great purchase that included all of the extra parts that I requested, including a full sweat guard since I primarily work out in the sun and a metal clip to switch out when I want. The tlr1-s light attachment on my CZ p10c I have fits perfectly inside the holster with solid retention. Overall I'm very satisfied with this purchase, considering this is my first holster and I've been told by many both online and in person that it normally takes a while to find "the one" that is a perfect fit for your gun.

Works like a champ
Written by JRBuell75 on Jul 6th 2018

Zulu fits my Glock 29 with Crimson Trace Laser like a glove and positions it perfectly for appendix carry. Definitely worth the wait! Retention is excellent. My new favorite IWB holster for this weapon.

Fits perfectly
Written by Jamie McLaughlin on May 25th 2018

It was worth the wait for production, as it has incredible retention and very solid construction. If you don't require extra mags, this is the holster for you!

Zulu & Alpha
Written by Jon Carr on Mar 18th 2018

Once again, Mark, Christen, & Cory come through with superb quality kit. Both the Zulu and Alpha in black leather finish fit my Blackwater 1911 like a glove, and the usual attention to fit and finish was, as always, outstanding! Thanks again!

Squared Away Zulu
Written by Bret Tedford on Jan 27th 2018

I looked everywhere for an IWB holster for a Beretta APX/Streamlight TLR-1 combo and had no luck. Thankfully, I finally stumbled upon Squared Away Customs. Great prices, especially with the military discount. It took a couple weeks extra to receive the holster due to the Christmas season but the wait was well worth it. This product is well made and comfortable for all day carry. Will definitely be purchasing another holster in the future and would recommend this company/holster to anyone looking for a good, quality, affordable IWB holster.

Custom holster
Written by Tyler Robertson on Dec 28th 2017

When I made the purchase for my glock 23 w/ the attachment of the crimson trace LED light (cmr-202) I put all my trust into squared away. This was my first holster I had ever purchased from them, and I was not let down. They stayed in contact with me for it taking a little longer due to it being a custom order. But it was well worth the wait. This holster is the most comfortable, smooth drawing, easily concealable holster I've ever owned. I appendix carry so most people are thinking a kydex holster will dig in and be uncomfortable there, but I have not had a single issue with it yet even while driving. I highly recommend this or any of squared aways products to anyone that is looking for a trusty piece of equipment. You will not be disappointed

G19 w/ TLR-1 HL
Written by Got mine on Oct 18th 2017

One work-perfect! Ordered my holster with Thin Red Line Flag. So happy with my purchase. Will keep returning

great gear
Written by TF on Aug 3rd 2017

Holster was worth the wait. Wears great every day. I'll be back.

G19 W/300 Surefire
Written by Phil on Jun 1st 2017

AMAZING HOLSTER!!! The best I have purchased so far!

Pure excellence
Written by Andy on May 26th 2017

You won't regret it. Great gear as always. I'll keep coming back

Written by Jim cushing on Apr 20th 2017

After a minor adjustment to the magnets for my Viridian Reactor this holster is top of the line. Great craftsmanship and fit. Would recommend this company anyone.

Written by undefined on Dec 15th 2016

Mark has made several holsters for me now, and I'm about to order another. I don't go anywhere else, period. He's that good and his customer service is second-to-none.

Zulu holster (IWB w/ light)
Written by undefined on Nov 9th 2016

Excellent holster, nicely made and very comfortable . It took a little longer to receive than normal but worth the wait. The design and cant of the holster is the best I've found from all of my previous holster brands.

IWB holster
Written by JSHJr on Oct 17th 2016

Outstanding. The holster was well made and fits my pistol with its light like a glove. It also wwears well on my hip. I would absolutely recommend Squared Away to anybody.

Perfectly custom
Written by Stephen on Aug 31st 2016

The item came exactly as I imagined it would. Great craftsmanship. The fit is perfect for the firearm amd light. I couldnt have asked for anything more.

Glock43 w/TL6
Written by Kevin Molloy on Jul 6th 2016

Awesome holster so comfortable I forget it's there. My only gripe is the waiting time to get it.

Perfect for CCW
Written by Johnathan Celso on Apr 18th 2016

Ordered this holster for my H&K P30 which I carry a Surefire XC1 weapon light on, as well as a red dot optic. I put those instructions in the order. Mark asked me for a picture of my gun and without any measurements taken or anything the holster came in complete with a tight and exact "cutout" provision in the sweat guard for the optic mount and the first time I put the gun in the holster all I heard was a "click." NO BREAK-IN NEEDED AT ALL!!! Absolutely amazing quality and craftsmanship. The this holster disappears IWB. Makes concealed carry of a larger handgun fun again. Best holster I have ever purchased!!

Great product and worth the wait
Written by undefined on Apr 15th 2016

My Zulu is amazing, it's everything I wanted and more. The only down side was the wait but it was worth it. This place is the only place you will find with nearly all the models of handguns. Mine also has a laser/light combo and that wasn't a problem either

Great quality and customer service!
Written by Dave on Jan 22nd 2016

I'm a former cop and have been carrying concealed for 20yrs. When it comes to gear I am hard to impress, but Squared Away did more than impress me! The a Zulu had fit and finish well above the price point, fitment was perfect out of the box, and the forethought that went into this piece of kit is very obvious. I have paid a lot more but have never received better quality or service.

Great holster!
Written by undefined on Jan 16th 2016

Just received my holster a couple days ago and the fit is perfect with a little adjustment to the tension, couldn't be more pleased, thank you!