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X-Ray is an outside the waistband (OWB) paddle holster. It features a paddle to secure it to your belt with an easy on/easy off capability. This holster also offers adjustable retention. Great for range use!  

Kydex thickness: .080


 As with all of our holsters we offer FREE shipping, a lifetime warranty and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 


Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 24 ratings)
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Kydex holster
Written by David Padua on Jul 5th 2019

Approximately 5-6 weeks for a PERFECT HOLSTER FOR THE P80. RTI was attached. OUTSTANDING PRODUCT! WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!!

X-Ray for 509T w/ X300 & Comp
Written by Evan L Dickerhoof on Nov 21st 2018

Recently ran this holster in a low light class. Solid holster w/ great retention. Fits all of the specified attachments. Came with a UBL; not just the mounting holes. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a holster.

X-Ray holster
Written by John on Nov 18th 2018

Holds my MP40 snugly enough so that I can turn it upside down with no problems, yet is smooth on the draw. Plenty of room for my compact red dot. You guys keep getting better and better.

Written by K on Oct 29th 2018

#P80 #Holster #Glock GREAT holster. I was nervous ordering a holster online for a gun build and hoping for a snug fit but it was worth it. My P80 G19 + APLC fits perfect! Solid construction & smooth edges. They were one of the few companies that also offered G-Code's RTI hanger on the back. The day I received it I was able to slap it on my rig and head to the range. 5 Star and would recommend

Great Holster
Written by JC on Sep 4th 2018

This is the second holster I have purchased and this one did not disappoint. High quality product. Fit was perfect with excellent retention. Will buy again.

Quality at a good price.
Written by Estrada on Aug 14th 2018

Good product, at a good price. I always add a cant, and they always deliver. Shipping takes a couple weeks longer than expected, still worth the wait.

X-Ray Holster
Written by Dan on Aug 14th 2018

Very nice quality. I enjoy the holster.

X-Ray holster just awesome
Written by brian cooke on May 21st 2018

Great holster for the range ..i was originally interested in this holster due to the option to add an RTI hanger that would fit my current rig ..I purchased 4 of these and i used them this past weekend at the range ...Fit , Finish , Function all off the chart and they all fit my rig perfectly ...I will be buying a few more soon ...

X-Ray holster
Written by Jason on Feb 12th 2018

By far the best holster I have ever owned. Whether you are on the range or in the field, this is the holster you want.

Worth it.
Written by Estrada on Apr 10th 2017

Very comfortable saddle, I added a cant. It was better than expected.

outstanding quality
Written by Chris on Nov 27th 2016

This is one of several holsters I now own from SAC. The quality of every one of them is superb! The attention to detail is on point each and every time. Their customer service is second to none, which is on a personal level, not just somebody answering the phone, but Mark himself taking care of business. Anytime I've contacted Mark with a question or change to my order, it gets taken care of promptly. Very pleased with the gear and will defiantly order again.

Great holster with nice clip
Written by Nicholas W. on Sep 30th 2016

This holster has exceeded my expectations after Mark offered to fix a filament issue by sending me a new version which would fit my p229 Legion better. He went out of his way to ensure my happiness and has great customer service which I rarely experience anymore.

Written by undefined on Sep 13th 2016

After receiving your product and then using your product I keep asking myself "WHY". Why did I wait so long to order a holster from Squrred Away Custom. The holster was more than I had expected, when you order something on the internet you never know for sure what your going to get. When it comes to a Squrred Away Custom product you will not be disappointed . I will soon be sending you my Christmas list.

My x-ray is awesome
Written by Doug Wood on Sep 2nd 2016

Just received my x-ray from Mark and the guys at SAC...truly awesome OWB holster. The fit and function are great

Truly fantastic holster
Written by Jason on Jul 27th 2016

Perfect holster. Design, fit, everything above board. And customer service are top notch as well. Thanks!

Top-notch gear!
Written by Brandon Smith on Jul 20th 2016

I received 2 SAC holsters in one week, the Hotel(X-ray with Tek-lok), and a kilo. The very least I can say is that they're the highest quality kydex gear I've ever owned or used. Excellent fit and finish in every way. Mark knows solid gear, and requires the same quality for every piece that leaves his shop, that he would expect for his own use. I've already made a few dozen recommendations to friends, family, students, and other professionals, and I'll continue making them for these guys. SAC is the best of the best, hands down. Brandon Smith, Senior instructor Nighthawk Tactical Solutions

X-ray(Kahr cw9)
Written by undefined on Jun 23rd 2016

i have heard nothing but good things about these holsters so when I placed my order I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. They say 3-6 weeks after ordering to ship, mine shipped right at the end of week 6. So plan on waiting a few but it was definitely worth the wait! My Kahr cw9 fits perfectly in the holster clicks in and doesn't move around. The paddle is solid and the Kydex is as well.

Written by Todd Bennington on Mar 30th 2016

After what seemed like an eternity we finally got our holsters for our S&W 380 APC Bodyguards. Let me tell you it was worth the wait!! When they say custom they mean custom. The holsters fit the pistols like a glove and work perfectly. Plenty of snugness to hold them but the release is easy and clean. The salesman at Gander Mountain recommended Swuared AwY Customs and boy was he right. I highly recommend these folks!!!

another 5 stars
Written by Jeremy on Jan 15th 2016

Worked with Mark originally for my Sig P320 but asked if he minded switching to my XDS 45 with rail mount Crimson Trace. Customer service is top notch and communication thru out process can be expected. This is my 4th holster. I now have an Oscar for my Kimber 1911, an Oscar for G23, a Kilo for G43, and this XRAY for my XDS 45. As long as Squared Away allows me to order, I will continue to order thru them.

X-Ray Shield
Written by Bob McIntyre on Dec 13th 2015

I have several of the XRay holsters for my other firearms. This one for the shield hides very well under a loose shirt. The quality is goos and the fit for the Shield is very good. As always very happy with a Squared Away custom fit holster

Written by Dan on Nov 18th 2015

This is without a doubt the best company I have ever delt with. It is the best holster I have ever had custom made also. The owner contacted me personally When there was a problem with the mold, Thinking there might be a delay in receiving my product.Mark had a new mold rushed in and my holster made and out to me without any delay to my surprise. So not only is the product the best on the market !! The company is as well and that is something we all need.Thanks again to Mark and his team for a great job.

X-Ray for SW M&P9
Written by Rocco on Aug 9th 2015

What a product! Unbelievable retention and easily some of the best kydex I've gotten my hands on. This holster is just plain sexy. Pair that with the great customer service and it's an unbeatable combo. Bye Raven, SAC has a customer for life!

Written by Brian on Jun 18th 2015

I really like the holster. It turned better than I ever hoped for. It's great.

1911 X-ray
Written by Bob McIntyre on May 1st 2015

I have an X-ray holster for my VP9 and now my 1911 champion operator 4" barrel. I like the slim fit on these (owb) kydex holsters. They actually hide fairly well with an untucked loose fitting shirt.