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This page will help you order custom kydex for your Vertx bags as well as save you some money on


Our Vertx holsters are vacuum formed with 100% FLAT backs with pre-applied hook velcro to attach to the inside of any Vertx bags. They are made from .080 kydex and offer a lifetime warranty. 


Below are the holster models we offer for your bag:


Pistol - Oscar

Pistol w/attached light - Foxtrot

Single Pistol Mag - Tango

Dual Pistol Mag - Delta

AR Mag Carrier - Whiskey 2.0


Once you select the item you would like to be mounted in your bag scroll down to "Attachment Style and select "Vertx Mount" 



Make sure to visit and use coupon code "squaredaway" for 25% off your purchase.