P80 - Quick Ship Holster

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This is a quick ship item, orders ship every Friday. Cut off is Wednesday for Friday shipment. 

The P80 is the perfect Strong side IWB (Inside the waistband)  holster for your Polymer80 pistol. The molds used are CAD designed and CNC milled which guarantees a perfect fit for your custom P80. It WILL work with both your P80 or Glock type slides. It's minimal design is perfect for IWB carry. The holster features a 1.5” clip to secure it to your belt, a full sweat shield and adjustable retention. By removing the front screw you can can adjust the holster from canted to zero cant for AIWB. 


This holster will work with your RMR and threaded barrel.


As with all of our holsters we offer FREE shipping, a lifetime warranty and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 

Product Reviews

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Outstanding and Well Designed
Written by Karl on Aug 13th 2020

Fit my GGP (P80) perfectly, to include extended mag release and RMR.

Written by CB on Jul 19th 2020

Holster fit my Faxon FX-19 perfectly. I love how it comes with an RMR cut. For a quick ship $60 holster, your not going to find better.

P80's, I have 6 and love em
Written by Fred Cooper on Jul 16th 2020

I now have over 10 holsters from Squared Away, they are my favorite, and fit and finish is outstanding. 2(p80-940c's-g19 size) 1(p80-940v2-g17 size) A+ thanks guys.

Great Ready to go Holster
Written by RC Laster on Jul 1st 2020

I am very happy with this P80 holster. For as popular as the P80 is, it is surprising how hard it is to find a quality holster. This thing is great and look amazing.

Good quality
Written by JP on Jun 22nd 2020

Very pleased with the quality and speed you were able to ship my holster. I plan on using it very often.

P80 quick ship
Written by Aaron Evans on May 31st 2020

This thing fits amazing on both my pf940c and my pf940sc ( Glock 19 and 26) the 19 has suppressor height sights and an rmr and there's no issues with fitment at all.

P80 quick ship holster
Written by Merlin on May 3rd 2020

Beautiful construction and very low profile! Highly recommend

Written by Angel Correa Jr on Apr 27th 2020

Love the product, the firearm fit so perfect, and it's comfortable! I'm happy!

P80 - Quick Ship Holster
Written by GJM on Oct 31st 2019

Holster fit was spot on out of the package'. The quality of the parts as well as the workmanship and finish of this holster are all excellent. My front sight is 0.31 inches high and fit in the sight channel with enough clearance that there is obviously room for a much taller sight. The order was placed early in the week and shipped on Friday as promised. I received the holster at 11:30 am the following Monday. Great service even if the shipping wasn't free. Have been using the holster daily since its arrival ten days ago and it still looks new as does the finish on both my slide and frame. It as proven to be a very comfortable holster and fit for use on a daily bases. Thanks to all at Squared Away Customs. Frame is a polymer 80c and slide is Glock 19 ( gen 3) with meprolight adjustable night sights.

Great Holster
Written by Sean Croom on Oct 28th 2019

Fits my P80 NAG19 very well, couldn't ask for a better fit. I often find that many kydex holster makers try to save money by making holsters with thin kydex, or subpar clips, etc. Not so with this one. The kydex is very thick; thick enough to positively hold the weapon, yet east to draw. I've been appendix carrying mine, and it works out extremely well. In a market full of shoddy kydex manufacturers, it's nice to find one that is exceptional. Will definitely buy again!

Superb holster
Written by Richard Ray on Jul 26th 2019

Fits my p80 like a glove, fit finish is the highest quality , as a retired law officer I have used a lot of holsters but this one, goes above and beyond. Good price resonable ship time I will definitely order again

Like a Glove
Written by John on Jul 12th 2019

Holster fits like a glove and is well made. It was a little tight around the extended slide lock lever when new, but after several hundred draws, it is "worn in" and draws smoothly and quickly. This holster is as good or better than other brands I own, reasonably priced, and delivered quicker than advertised. Will consider Squared Away next purchase for sure.

Written by G on May 20th 2019

Ordered a holster before end of day on a Wednesday. Arrived the following Monday. Sturdy, well-made, fits the P80 exactly. Really fast shipping.

Holster and mag pouch
Written by Carter on May 20th 2019

Works just as I thought. Just the right tension and love how the holster and mag pouch are adjustable.

Quick Ship Holster - Perfect
Written by Colorado P80 on Feb 6th 2019

Discovered that all my Glock holsters do not work with my P80 build. Found Squared Away on the P80 site and decided to try. Arrived today. Fit PERFECTLY. Draw resistance was spot on w/o adjustments. Could not be happier.

Review Part 2
Written by Jmwa on Oct 5th 2018

Everything is still going great with the holster. 1 thing I will recommend though is this: I noticed when I ride my motorcycle, iv been worrying about the rigid clip letting my belt slip though and potentially losing my pistol on the road. To fix this, I used a butane torch on my rigid clip so that I could make the bend a little more extreme. That way when I clipped it onto my belt, I KNEW it wasn't going anywhere. Just an idea for you guys who aren't wearing a 1/2" thick duty belt every day.

High Quality, Not High Price
Written by Al on Sep 23rd 2018

I purchased three holsters, one for the full size P80 frame, another for the compact frame, and a third for subcompact frame. All fit the firearm perfectly. They appear to be well made, with no sharp edges and sturdy fasteners. I just purchased three more holsters because of their obvious quality.

Great holster!
Written by James on Sep 19th 2018

Needed a holster for my PF940sc(Glock 26) and this one is doing great so far. The 2 screws add enough retention to feel confident that your pistol will stay in place. The sweat guard works great. I originally got the soft pull loops because my belt was a soft nylon that a clip just wouldn't hold onto. The loops were ok because I could wear ANY belt, BUT, it was a bit of a pain to get my holster/pistol in and out of my pants. I ended up just ordering the rigid clip a week or so ago and like it much better. I did have to buy a sturdier belt to use with it, but being able to easily remove my pistol/holster was a decent trade off. All in all, its a great holster for us P80 guys, you just need a decent belt to go along with it(like any holster). Great job! Squared Away Customs.

Written by Snee, Lutche, Helmlinger and Spielberger, P.A. on Sep 17th 2018

I am new to conceal carry. Very comfortable. Well made. Fits my Glock 19 very well. A great buy at a great price.

Written by munchie3409 on Aug 5th 2018

Fast shipping and fits P80 pistol very well. One review mentioned about the mag release being depressed, looks like SquaredAway Custom resolved this issue. Only thing I wished they offered is a different color belt clip as everything is camo', but the black belt clips sticks out like a sore thumb.

P80 940c holster
Written by Paul A on Jun 25th 2018

Great product well made all edges smooth.Has great adjustability with regards to retention of your weapon. I own several different kydex holsters from two other companies, this holster is right there in quality at a lower price point. Does what a holster for EDC is supposed to do cover your trigger guard and mag release and retain your weapon. The solid click you hear tells you its secure. If your looking for a holster for your P80 build this is the one.

Awesome holster but one small issue
Written by Mark Smith on Jun 14th 2018

Love this holster a must have if you have polymer80, one thing though if you have an extended mag release on your gun the holster is so well molded and tight it will drop your mags. I solved this by dremeling the kydex out where it interfered with my mag release. They use such thick kydex I didnt even have to dremel all the way through. Definitely worth every cent.

P80 quick ship holster
Written by Erick on May 31st 2018

Awesome holster!!!! Quality fit and finish, without a doubt one of the best fitting and nicest kydex holsters I have ever had. Great selection of color and patterns....all my future needs in kydex will be filled by Squared Away Customs. Thanks For Good service and a GREAT product!

P80 Holster
Written by Matthew Gallmann on Apr 15th 2018

The holster fits and works GREAT!!! It also easily conseals.

Great holster
Written by Pete K on Apr 14th 2018

Not much else to say, great holster, fits perfect, very comfortable(I have the soft pull through loops).

Nice P80 holster
Written by MP on Mar 30th 2018

High quality and fast shipping. Fits my pf940c perfectly.

Written by Eric galligan on Mar 13th 2018

It's perfect

Written by Joseph on Feb 24th 2018

This has a crisp snap when my device is put back in the holster and fits perfect. I had to loosen the screws a turn since it was too tight when I initially tried unholstering it but other than that, it is good overall.

P80 Holster
Written by Paul on Feb 8th 2018

I ordered the P80 holster for a P80 G19 build of mine, and I could not be more happy with the fit and finish of the holster. I tightened up the retention screws a bit, and then applied blue loc-tite to all the screws. The shipping was also very fast.

P80 IWB Holster
Written by Richard E Wainwright on Dec 2nd 2017

I got the black carbon fiber version and it looks great. I have a G19 and G17 P80 builds and both fit nicely. The G19 version is much better for concealment of course. Definitely a great option if you are looking for a concealed in waistband hoslter.

P80 holster
Written by Chris on Jul 12th 2017

The p80 holster is excellent great fit and finish and retention. If you've got a polymer 80 this is a perfect accessory for your carry setup

Works with the Polymer80 PF940C pistols
Written by Danny on Jun 7th 2017

I've got two Polymer80 PF940C in both the Glock 19 and Glock 23 and the holster works with both models. I used the factory uppers and lower parts kit on both models so they are as close to factory as possible. The pistols fit good and snug without any issues. The only issue I have is that when I switch out my factory barrel in my 19 with the SilencerCo threaded barrel, the pistol won't slide in all the way. The pistol will still fit however it won't click into place indicating a secure fit. Not a show stopper but something you should be aware of if you have a threaded barrel. ***If you have a modified pistol just let us know and we can make sure to work with your modifications.***