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Oscar is an outside the waistband (OWB) holster; can be made to fit any handgun. Oscar can be secured with either belt loops or Molle attachments.

Kydex thickness: .080


 As with all of our holsters we offer FREE shipping, a lifetime warranty and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 


Product Reviews

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Oscar - another great holster
Written by Fred Cooper on Jul 16th 2020

I now have over 10 holsters from Squared Away, they are my favorite, and fit and finish is outstanding. A+ thanks guys. P.S. have some old school revolvers (6" model 19 & 6" model 29, wish you would make some OWB for those...)

Great fit
Written by Thom on Oct 24th 2019

Well made. Excellent fit. Nice color choices (the Blood Red is dark and rich).

Awesome product!
Written by Justin on Oct 19th 2018

Great holster for the polymer80 pf940v2, excellent retention with adjustable height. Second holster I have from you guys, thanks for the awesome holster!

Oscar Holster for SIG XO Full Size 1911
Written by Mark M on Aug 26th 2018

Holsters, even custom made, for the SIG XO Full Size 1911 are not so easy to come by due to the contours unique to certain SIG 1911s like this one. When I emailed Squared Away to confirm that I could get a holster specific to the firearm, the response was something along, "We can definitely do that!" Well, they did, and beautifully. It's a great fit and an exceptionally well crafted and detailed product. One additional selling point, seriously, is the discount they offer for customers who solemly swear not to interrupt their production process w/ inquiries for status updates. I love the win/win humor and style of that offer. This is the first holster I've ordered from Squared Away and I'm certain it won't be the last. Based on my experience so far, I would absolutely recommend Squared Away to others. Thanks!

SIG 365 Oscar Holster
Written by Tom Lustenberger on Jul 22nd 2018

Had to wait a little longer than the quoted timeframe, but it was worth the wait. This is an exceptional quality holster, the pistol fits perfect with great retention. Also, Mark offers a Veterans discount which is proof of a business owner who treats Veterans with respect. Unfortunately not too many other places do that.

Oscar holster
Written by David on Jun 11th 2018

Darn, they are just perfect. I now have three and another on order. All of my pistols will get a dedicated Oscar

Written by Ray on Apr 7th 2018

Great Holster. Best OWB I've tried yet.

oscar for Taurus M85 Ultralight 38 spcl
Written by Ralph B Lyon on Apr 2nd 2018

Great fit . Excellent holster.

Written by Robert Revells on Mar 15th 2018

I bought the Oscar a few week's ago looking for a comfortable holster for my M&P shield. I am in a car all day and it works .

Custom Wonder Woman holster
Written by Len on Dec 30th 2017

It came just in time for Christmas and my wife loved it.

Written by Jeffrey Olson on Nov 12th 2017

I've been carrying a side-arm since my law enforcement military days in the 1980's. Yes, before there were such animals called Glocks or Kydex. Since then I've worked as a contractor in "various" capacities in the Middle East and carry daily. If you're gonna carry, do yourself a big favor. Stop looking around and just get the Oscar holster and also the Alpha for inside the waist band carry. Cheers!

Written by Chris on Oct 31st 2017

This is a great holster! Workmanship is top notch. It fits the gun like a glove, is extremely comfortable to wear all day, and holds tight to the body. I highly recommend it if you have the time to wait. My wait time was much longer than the stated 3 - 6 weeks, in fact I ordered a custom leather one for another pistol and it arrived before this one. I highly recommend the Oscar and will be buying a couple more soon for other pistols. I also recommend the speed clips, I bought after the holster and really like them.

Glock 19 oscar fde
Written by @Ldsryan on May 30th 2017

The holster came showing excellent craftsmanship. The edges were smooth and looked appropriately shaped for the purpose. I have several kydex holsters from other makers, some good and some not so good, and squared away customs really shines as one of the greats. After putting it on it was obvious that it stood far above my other owb holsters. Very comfortable! Retention was just the way I like it, very strong. And the belt loops fit great. Overall I'm impressed and will be ordering more from them in the future.

Great holster and service
Written by Larry on May 26th 2017

Excellent quality and the kydex covers the mag release.

Written by Cole on May 16th 2017

This is honestly the best holster I have in my collection. The retention on it is phenomenal, snaps in with authority and you can trust that your gun isn't going anywhere until you draw it. If you are thinking about getting one, do it.

Best holster I've owned among many
Written by Brandon Haas on Apr 29th 2017

I've toured most of the Kydex world in my years. Squared Away Customs has this process down pat. Turnaround times are well worth it when you receive art in the form of a holster in the end. Cookie cutter shops promising next day shipping can't produce this level of quality on their best day. I'll be moving my entire carry line to SAC holsters going forward.

Oscar Kydex Kryptek Mandrake Holster for Sig M11-A1
Written by Joseph Bennett on Mar 30th 2017

This is my 3rd Holster from Mark, and it is superb, as usual. 5 Stars.!!

Written by MARK AUSTIN on Jan 20th 2017

Bought for my M&P 40c based on multiple recommendations. By far the best holster I have ever purchased. It fit perfectly right from the start, no adjustment needed. It's secure but easy to draw.

Oscar for a Sig Legion 226
Written by Douglas Greig on Jan 10th 2017

Excellent fit and finish. Will make a great piece of kit for my training and competition this year.

Solid Product
Written by undefined on Nov 28th 2016

Purchased an Oscar after upgrading my P226 and Squared Away was able to manufacture a OWB holster with the unique characteristics of my RMR, heightened sights, and threaded barrel that fit perfectly. Plus the color combination I chose closely matched the multicam pattern of my belt. It's held up great at the range with solid weapon lock. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the mounting hardware is incompatible with other holsters due to spacing design. Otherwise a great product and will order again.

great fit and comfy
Written by Zeb on Nov 26th 2016

I got the Oscar for my G23 and it fits perfectly. It's very comfortable to wear and conceals easily as it hugs the body perfectly. Retention adjustability is great too. Love the carbon fiber look as well.

Written by undefined on Sep 20th 2016

Comfortable and well built. Very happy with it.

Great Holster
Written by Cody B. on Aug 27th 2016

One of the best holsters I have ever owned. Great retention and coverage. The attention to detail is second to none.

Simple, safe, style, smooth comfortable ig
Written by Duke on Jul 14th 2016

Comfortable holster, after wearing a full size pistol concealed all day, it's easy to forget it's there. Fast, smooth and safe draw. Worth every penny.

perfect fit
Written by undefined on May 31st 2016

Love this style holster. Fits like a glove and is great for training and carrying.

Post TRICON holster review
Written by mike johnson on May 16th 2016

I recently attended a 2 day Trident Concepts class taught by Jeff Gonzales. I didn't realize until 3 weeks out that I needed an OWB holster. Being a small time firearms instructor in a world of highly skilled instructors, I like giving the up and comers a shot. I could of easily went with Off the Grid concepts or Raven Concealment. However I wanted to try SAC. Mark was able to get my holster to me in time for class. Given a little closer to date then I would of liked. However that was USPS's fault and not his. He stayed in contact the entire time until i received it. I should of went with no sweat guard or the mid. And I knew better. My thumb would start to press on the sweat guard and occasionally drag, causing a not-so-smooth draw stroke. So food for thought when you order your holster. Fit and finish was good, as expected. The cut for my threaded barrel was smooth and rounded. And didn't look like it was done with a dremel. I would like to have the belt attachments not protrude as much, bringing it closer to the body and less likely to slide out of place. This wasn't a huge issue. But maybe something to look into. I look forward to dealing with Mark again.

The Oscar
Written by undefined on May 10th 2016

Ordered the Oscar, great product! Was able to change my order from a compact px4 to a p30sk without a issue. Pistol slides in easy but you better have your belt cinched because the retention is a tad snug...for the time being. The downside, you'll have to be patient, it's a minimum 6 weeks to your door.

Great product!
Written by Linda on May 6th 2016

Although the wait time was long, it was worth the wait. Fits great and feels comfortable. For a woman, it stays flush with my hip which helps conceal.

Perfect for competitions!!
Written by Johnathan Celso on Apr 18th 2016

Ordered this holster for my H&K P30 which I carry a red dot optic on. I put those instructions in the order. Mark asked me for a picture of my gun and without any measurements taken or anything the holster came in complete with a tight and exact "cutout" provision in the sweat guard for the optic mount and the first time I put the gun in the holster all I heard was a "click." NO BREAK-IN NEEDED AT ALL!!! This holster fits very close to the body. Perfect for IDPA. Absolutely amazing quality and craftsmanship. Best holster I have ever purchased!!

"We The People" custom print holster
Written by John on Apr 11th 2016

Absolutely worth the wait. I could not be happier.

Squared Away Customs for my new Kimber ultra
Written by Joe Gignac on Apr 11th 2016

Nothing short of awesome! Beautiful craftsmanship, quality at its best!!!

Written by undefined on Feb 29th 2016

Comfortable, lightweight, great fit and finish. When holstering, the Oscar accepts my PPQ M2 securely with an audible "snap"... yet allows for a smooth draw. Packs close to the body for optimal concealment. I'll be ordering from Mark again.

I love this holster!
Written by Jennifer on Feb 9th 2016

This is my first OWB holster and I requested a custom print. It turned out even better than expected, I love it!

Oscar for Springfield XDm
Written by Fritz on Jan 8th 2016

The fit is very good -- retention is excellent and has a solid, reassuring snap when holstering. The Oscar is stable for me, even with only a 1.5 inch belt, and is comfortable. I got this as a range holster, but it could easily be used with a jacket for CC. Mark offered to make adjustments based on my personal preference once I've put in some time with it. Thanks for the great service.

Top Quality!!
Written by Jed Moorhouse on Jan 7th 2016

I wanted this holster with a slight modification and Mark said it could be done! It came in today and I am well pleased with the holster. Excellent retention and fit. Best kydex holster on the market! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Another great holster from Mark
Written by Kim on Dec 29th 2015

Mark has changed his design ever so slightly on the Oscar. Knowing I had an earlier model Oscar, Mark took the time to call me and get an "OK" to supply the redesigned version. When I replied in the affirmative and said if I didn't care for it I'd just sell it and order the "old" version he said no, he'd buy it back or swap it if I didn't care for it. How many places will do that for you? And oh by the way - he's not getting it back. Function is not changed at all, only a slight style difference.

Great Custom Holster fot STI Rangemaster
Written by Derik on Dec 26th 2015

Wasn't able to find a holster for my STI Rangemaster and Squared Away Customs came through. Made an appointment to have a custom holster made, very accommodating. Told him what I was looking for and he made a couple recommendations to improve functionality. Couldn't be happier.

Exactly what I was anticipating
Written by Hunter on Dec 19th 2015

Bough the Oscar for my 40c after owning a Lima and wanting an OWB option. Holster has fantastic retention, almost feels like too much after using a Fobus holster for so long, but I like it that fact. Construction is solid. Took a bit longer than the 4 week estimate (about 5.5 weeks for ship out) but worth the wait in my opinion.

Solidly built holster
Written by undefined on Nov 29th 2015

Holster is very solidly built. No questions about the quality of the materials, hardware or craftsmanship. I special ordered the wing loops to secure to the belt. Pistol is held very securely. No chance of it falling out. Needs to be drawn aggressively to come out. The only downside is when it comes out, it makes a lot of noise. No way to draw silently, but that is the drawback of kydex. It is to be expected. But, if you are looking for a quality kydex holster, Squared Away Customs is who you want to build it.

Sig Sauer Tacops 1911
Written by Sean on Nov 14th 2015

I received my Oscar from Mark and the fit was a little tight. I reached out to Mark and he sent me a return label immediately. I just got the product back and it is PERFECT! Thank you very much!

Great for range or concealment
Written by Bill on Oct 3rd 2015

Mark and I spoke about various custom designs/art and I thought we let the conversation and final deal die; a comm-SNAFU on my part. So I was surprised when he said he'd been working hard on it for a month, had several back-and-forths w/ the design people and was finally happy with the latest incarnation. Incarnation of what? I have a holster coming? Guess so! ...not a bad thing! I got a phone call about one final tweak and she was shipped the next day. I'm real happy with the outcome and it fits great. Very tight workmanship all 'round- I love the size and look of this holster. The attention to detail and finishing work sets SAC apart.

The Perfect Holster
Written by David Sweeter on Oct 1st 2015

I just received my second Blood Red Carbon Fiber "Oscar" I purchased my first about a year ago for my 5" Ported Performance Center its been the best part of strapping on my gun for Wednesday Night Bullseye League. Then again another Oscar for My Glock 17L (New League gun). I was bit leery because its not a gun a lot of people holster or a common holster to find that will except suppressor sights. I sent Squared away Customs a message and was immediately message back and told no problem. It's nothing short of what I expected. From the retention and quality in the molding, the rivets and belt loops is pure craftsmanship right down to a the edges where the Kydex meets being polished.

Block 19
Written by undefined on Sep 16th 2015

It was exactly what I expected. Talk to the owner before you order and get all the wrinkles out. You will be well pleased.

Amazing craftsmanship
Written by undefined on Aug 12th 2015

Amazing craftsmanship and reasonably priced for the quality you get! Got one for my dad's retirement and had to get one for myself. Highly recommended!

Top Quality
Written by Tony on Jun 15th 2015

The Oscar is my second purchase from SAC. I also have the Kilo. The attention to detail is impressive and durability is outstanding. I will be going back for another. It took a little while to get my Oscar, but I went into the purchase knowing there was a bit of a wait time. These guys are small business in my locale, so I didn't mind waiting a little bit to support them. Very happy customer.

Written by undefined on Apr 15th 2015

Love this holster! It fits like a glove and feels very secure. Well made and worth the price. Now if I only got a fancy custom one....

Great company Great product!!
Written by undefined on Apr 8th 2015

This holster is everything I thought it should be customer service is fantastic I will definitely be a return customer!!!

Great product great price
Written by undefined on Apr 2nd 2015

Great retention, fit and finish. Very comfortable to wear. Great guys to deal with and customer service it top notch.

Excellent workmanship
Written by Randy on Mar 24th 2015

I have read lots of reviews on Kydex holsters as well as seen many different versions but when I purchased my custom holster from Squared Away I was truly impressed with the quality and workmanship. I would definitely recommended that you try one out.

Great Holster
Written by Rysn on Mar 19th 2015

Got this holster because I wanted a OWB holster for my glock 19 and thought that it would look good in the kryptek typhoon. The quality is excellent, comes with a perfect amount of retention, and is very comfortable.

OWB Glock 19
Written by Jim on Feb 28th 2015

let me start off by saying right off the bat that the materials used are top notch and the skill used to make these products is awesome. Mark goes out of his way to make sure his product is what you want, fits great and looks amazing. the durability is outstanding. I will definitely be buying more from him in the future.

Great quality
Written by Todd on Feb 16th 2015

I needed an owb holster for range work. Comfortable and easy to draw and replace pistol. Good looking holster

But actually 5 stars
Written by Erik on Dec 29th 2014

like the old saying goes: "There's always room for improvement". It's just I don't know what I would improve, but I'm sure Mark's attention to detail and constant R&D will figure that out. Great holster and a great feeling supporting a deserving local business!