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Niner is a minimalist OWB holster with adjustable retention and a Safariland SLS hood retention system. The design is a wrap style rather than pancake like most. Niner is secured to the belt with a 2" Safariland UBL. The Niner is perfect for those looking for a higher level of security out of their holster. Niner can be made with or without a weapon mounted light. 


Please keep in mind, Safariland does not sell the SLS hoods. So all SLS hoods on our holsters are pre-owned but are in 100% functional condition.


 As with all of our holsters we offer FREE shipping, a lifetime warranty and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 


Product Reviews

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Great holster
Written by Ryan on Aug 29th 2019

This is a phenomenal holster. It is a thick high quality kydex and the passive retention has a very positive click. The hood is a Safariland which means it is excellent quality. It has an extremely smooth draw stroke and feels very rugged. I can honestly say this is one of the best duty type holsters I have ever owned. I only have one complaint. The wait time was pretty significant. It does say to expect an 8 to 10 week wait. It was actually around 12 weeks. I completely understand small companies like this one can easily get backlogged. I personally don't mind waiting for quality. If you don't mind waiting a while for a great custom holster either, you will not be disappointed with this purchase.

Excellent P80 holsters
Written by justin on Aug 1st 2019

This is my second holster from SAC. Both are excellent and I have zero complaints. I only have one or two other holsters I can say that about. I also have a box full of 10-20 holsters for various guns that I will never use for one reason or another. My SAC holsters will never end up in that box. First the number of companies making holsters for P80's is minimal. And of the companies that do, some of them are not great. I have two other holsters from two other companies for my P80's and fit and finish and customer service leave more to be desired. That is not the case with SAC. Quality, fit, finish, construction are all great. Definitely worth the wait!

Awesome holster
Written by Peter K. on Feb 8th 2019

Can’t say enough good things about this holster or company. Fits my sidearm like a glove. Bought it to fit my sidearm with a surefire light on it, and it’s perfect. The extra loop on the top moves great and covers the back of the slide just like it’s supposed to. I will recommend though that if attatching to a battle belt (for example the hsgi battle belt) that you get a slotted belt that you can weave the inner belt out, through the holster then back into the battle belt. Other than that this companys products are a dream. This is my second holster and I will be buying more!

Written by Alex on Nov 7th 2018

The niner I purchased for my Glock w/ TLR1 was absolutely worth the wait. It looks fantastic with the OD finish. My Glock seats itself perfectly inside with no movement, and the draw is smooth. The hood is wicked easy to manipulate. Overall solid holster, and I'm excited for its continued use. I would without a doubt get future holsters from Squared away customs.

Great retention holster
Written by Ryan on Feb 22nd 2018

Squared Away Customs doesn’t disappoint when it comes to quality and attention to detail. They have great customer service as well. It’s hard to find good retention holsters other than safariland, so being able to have one custom made for your gun with the exact light you want is awesome. I like that it also comes with the mid ride safariland belt loop and safariland hood. Haven’t been to the range yet, but first impressions and usage during dry fire practice it worked flawlessly. Overall great holster!

Custom Niner
Written by John on Feb 16th 2018

I'm extremely satisfied with the holster I received. The retention system is well integrated into the holster and gives absolute confidence in retention. With a bit of practice it is effortless to defeat the strap and draw the pistol just as fast as from a level 1 holster. I asked for a custom feature to support my aftermarket modifications, and SAC delivered. Customer service was very attentive and helpfully resolved any issues I had, as well as kept me informed of the status of my order. Would definitely recommend this holster to a friend.