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Kilo is an inside the waistband appendix (IWBA) Kydex holster.  Kilo features a one way “Pull the Dot“ one way which secures the holster to your belt.  With this holster, you have the option of tucking your shirt in while wearing the holster. This style of carry allows you to deeply conceal a larger sized handgun. The Kilo comes with a ModWing installed which will significantly help tuck the grip closer to the body which helps with printing. 

Kydex thickness: .080


 As with all of our holsters we offer FREE shipping, a lifetime warranty and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 





Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 42 ratings)
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Written by William on Feb 29th 2020

Great product! Fits like a glove, but better. Took just under 11 weeks to receive, however. But, worth the wait if you don’t need it immediately.

Written by Greg on Aug 27th 2019

Got my kilo aug 27th the fit and finish is better than any of my other kydex holsters. very comfortable in appendix position even with a belly .retention is excellent. took little longer than the 8 weeks advertised

kilo XD MOD-2 45
Written by Corey on Sep 21st 2018

Love this holster

9 mm kilo
Written by Adam on Aug 6th 2018

Great holster, fits comfortably even with my "tactical pouch" and holds my shield extremely well.

AIWB Perfection (Sig P938)
Written by Ryan D on Aug 6th 2018

The kilo is an outstanding holster product in every way measurable. This holster is second to none in terms of comfort. The ride position is excellent and allows for a full firing grip while drawing and holstering. The retention is very positive, giving both audible and tactile feedback when fully engaged. A firm pull provides a smooth release without displacing the holster. Fit and finish are clean and polished with fine attention to detail. Customer service is exemplary. I will be ordering Kilos for other pistols.

Kilo - Appendix for Sig P365
Written by Eric on Aug 5th 2018

Super concealed carry for the new Sig P365, great hiding capability for loose fitting T-Shit summer mode. Easy solid retention with easy draw. Very pleased.

Great deep cover at appendix and 5 o’clock
Written by Stephen Shapiro on Apr 2nd 2018

Great buy! Very nice and smooth fit/finish. Positive retention and it does not move. I previously purchased the standard iwb belt clip, which works very well and conceals better than the provided loop system.

Kilo- M&P9c
Written by Parker Gerdes on Nov 18th 2017

The claw makes it perfect for appendix carry

Top Quality
Written by Al Price on May 25th 2017

Exceptionally well made. Pistol clicks in to place for safe secure carry.

Great Holster
Written by Adelson Militao on May 4th 2017

I was split between getting the Kilo or getting the Spartan. I really like the unique design of the Spartan and wanted to try it out. I carry mostly in the appendix position and I was worried that the Spartan would be uncomfortable, which is why I went with the Kilo. Regardless, the Kilo's sleek design really looks nice and I love how it comes all the way up the slide. The only downside I would say for the Kilo is that the gun does rotate/move as you move/sit/bend down/etc, because it only has one loop. But, that is obvious. I just thought I'd mention it in case you don't consider it yourself because I didn't take it into too much consideration. Lastly, SAC's customer service is exactly as I have heard about. They have incredible customer service that responds quickly and helps as much as possible. I will definitely be purchasing another rig from SAC. Great company with well-made products.

top notch piece
Written by Matt E. on Nov 26th 2016

Well made, quality materials and great craftsmanship. Great rentention and comfortable. Bought this for my Kahr PM9 which is now my wife's gun and she got me a G43, so I ordered another Kilo for it. Mark and SAC are a great help and look forward to ordering more.

works for me....
Written by David Stewart on Nov 14th 2016

I am happy with the holster i ordered. It should last me for some time to come. I will mention that it could have had a little more indention in the trigger section so that it would have more tension to hold the pistol snug . But other than that , i am glad to own it and have already showed it to my friends that carry and suggested they order themselves one also.

Written by Adam Jones on Nov 5th 2016

I have had several holsters from different companies for this same gun, None have come close to the fit and finish of this one, the draw is crisp with just enough tension you know it is secure, all edges are polished and smooth as glass, which is important in an IWBA holster. I absolutely love everything about it.

Another great product
Written by Keith on Oct 30th 2016

Needed a quality rig for AIWB and the Kilo really fits the bill. Fits my Glock 19 with red dot perfectly and disappears with minimal cover. Another quality product with exceptional service. These guys are truly "squared away".

Great product and customer service
Written by Nick on Jun 23rd 2016

Ordered for Sig P238. Slim and snug. Kilo was exactly the minimalist holster this gun needed. Worth the wait. Order yours with confidence.

Great holster
Written by Phil on May 19th 2016

I ordered the Kilo AIWB for my Sig p320 compact. Secure fit. Draws good and reholsters good. Very comfortable. Hardly know I have it on. Give them a call if you have any questions. They go out of their way to make sure you get what you want. Good people to talk to. May take several weeks to get your holster because they're real busy, but like the old proverb says, good things come to those who wait.

What an awesome product
Written by Armando on May 7th 2016

I just want to say that this product exceed my expectation, fit and finish are really professional grade.. You owe it to your self to try it, worth the wait!

Most comfortable holster ive worn
Written by Lauren on Apr 13th 2016

Has a perfect fit and finish. Versatile. Very comfortable, all edges are polished and buffed. Grear concealment.

Love it!
Written by Johara Smith on Feb 29th 2016

Great business, Great quality, exceeded my expectations! Would rate this holster A++++

workmanship here
Written by undefined on Feb 22nd 2016

Got my first impressed I ordered another for a hard to fit model which they listed.

repeat customer
Written by Jeremy on Jan 15th 2016

Very pleased with the Kilo for my Glock 43. Fits gun with trigger mounted Crimson Trace snug and is very comfortable IWB. Highly recommend Squared Away.

Highest quality to date.
Written by Nate Messier on Jan 12th 2016

This is certainly not my first piece of gear from Mark. I purchased my first from him almost 3 years ago. The quality of this product exceeds the gear I carry on my duty belt!! I will keep sending friends, family, and colleagues to Squared Away for any of their gear.

Awesome Quality
Written by Wes on Dec 16th 2015

This is a well made holster. Attention to detail is clearly a priority. I'd certainly do business with Mark again.

Kilo...When you want the best!
Written by Randy T on Nov 30th 2015

This holster is absolutely Top Notch! I purchased this for my shield and Love It! Like most gun owners I probably have 3 or 4 other holsters for this gun but this is hands down "The Best"! Easy on Easy off with the loop system. Retention is amazing! Workman ship is totally 5 stars and of the highest quality. Edges are polished to a high gloss and extremely smooth. Lets not forget comfort: Fantastic! No corners or edges digging in and its not over bearing in size...just right! One thing to add is that I wear at about 3:30 If you need advise, don't see what you want, don't know what you need, contact Mark. He has a ton of "workable" experience and can help guide you to the ultimate fit and finish that you are looking for. Hands Down: 5 Stars across the board!! Randy T

Flawless holster
Written by Matt R. on Nov 5th 2015

The wait was worth the craftsmanship! Holster is ultra concealable and durable without adding any more bulk than the firearm itself. Thanks SAC!

Great detail
Written by Jeff Morales on Oct 21st 2015

As with all other SAC holsters I've received, I have nothing bad to say about them. Great detail, great retention and very comfortable to wear. My only concern with this one for the Shield is that it rides a little high. When I sit down, The weapon/holster prints and comes up about 1.5". Slight concern when sitting. When standing, there is no issue with printing

Rock Solid
Written by undefined on Aug 15th 2015

I love this holster, and carry it every day. The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is because I ordered it in Tan and it showed up in a color that looks like faded yellow or cream. It fits my Glock 23 perfectly, and conceals great. I absolutely recommend this product.

Best Holster Yet
Written by Brian Berry on Aug 7th 2015

I've tried many holsters and have appendix carried for a while. This is simply the best appendix carry holster I've come across. The retention is great. It's comfortable. What more could you ask for?

Better than expected!
Written by Brent K on Jul 28th 2015

I saw someone mention Squared Away in a forum. They were spoken so highly of that I immediately looked them up. When I was researching the products, I had a few questions. I submitted my inquiries via email and within a few minutes got a reply! PERFECT My Kilo holster fits perfectly my Shield 9 and is absolutely everything I was expecting and hoping for! I will definitely be buying more products from Squared Away and recommending them to my friends (maybe even people I don't like)!

Very Pleased Again
Written by Oscar on Jul 24th 2015

My S&W M&P 45c fits in just right, where it is held in till I pull, just like the Spartan and it also feels great, comfortable to wear, retention is also great.

Great fit and comfort!
Written by Kyle on Jun 30th 2015

My Glock 42 fits perfectly in this holster, and is incredible comfortable to wear all day long.

great quality, great fit
Written by Chris on May 22nd 2015

Excellent quality holster. Was apprehensive about an appendix carry setup, but this piece earned my confidence.

Kydex Perfection!
Written by Robbie on May 13th 2015

My long search for a dedicated AIWB holster has finally ended! The Kilo is the first appendix carry holster I've come across that I felt inspired to invest in. I have a basic Remora holster that I've used extensively as AIWB. It's super convenient and fairly stable, but the added bulk left me wanting. I've looked on countless holster websites but nothing reached out to me. They either looked uncomfortable, were too expensive, lacked the level of quality I was looking for, or had a seemingly indefinite wait time. As far as comfort goes, I was skeptical that any kydex holster could be more comfortable the the soft padded Remora. I was so wrong! This thing is barely noticeable, unless you're bending over to touch your toes, and the extra security of the belt loop far outweighs the convenience of the Remora when it comes to donning and doffing. The price is more affordable than some of the leading manufacturers, and the quality/fit and finish is superb. The retention is perfect: my M&P Shield "clicks" right in and doesn't come out if I shake it vigorously upside down. At the same time, it is not difficult to draw from the holster. They definitely found the sweet spot with this one. Probably my favorite part of buying this holster was the quick turnaround. From completing the purchase online to arriving at my door took all of 29 days (YMMV). You can't ask for much more when shopping for a custom made holster of this quality.

Stands above the rest
Written by Aaron Lancaster on May 12th 2015

I could write a few hundred words about this product and its maker but I only need a few. Fantastic quality and attention to detail. Fitment is perfect to the firearm and retention is positive but not overbearing . Carry on.

Great comfort and concealment
Written by Nathan on May 8th 2015

I ordered the kilo for my m&p9c and it arrived very fast. Communication was excellent. The holster is made very well and is very comfortable to wear. It fit the firearm perfectly. I have tried many holsters in the past, and many that were more expensive. I am much happier with the kilo for appendix carry, though it would work in other orientations just as well. The holster is made with quality materials and the fit and finish is excellent. As a firearms instructor, I would recommend this holster and squared away to anyone looking for a quality carry option. Needless to say, I am pleased and will be buying more in the future for other firearms. For the price, you definitely get more than you pay for. Buy it now, you won't be sorry.

Great appendix holster
Written by Fitzage on Apr 27th 2015

If there was one thing that I had to say could be improved about this holster, I would say that maybe the bottom of it could be made narrower. Like if the loop could be attached in such a way that didn't compromise the slimness front-to-back, but allowed the bottom of the holster to be narrower side-to-side for more flexibility. But overall, I love this holster. It's about as comfortable as an appendix holster is likely to get, in my opinion, although to be fair I haven't tried a whole lot of them yet.

Love the Kilo!
Written by Benji on Apr 10th 2015

I accidentally ordered the Spartan, realized my mistake, I sent it back to Squared Away Customs, without hesitation they sent me the Kilo I wanted, no questions asked just awesome customer service! The holster is constructed with the best quality material out there!

great but...
Written by matt on Mar 27th 2015

Great quality item, unfortunately I have a glock 34, Gen4, and the gun did not fit in the holster properly. I sold it to a coworker who loves it.

This is an awesome holster
Written by undefined on Feb 25th 2015

I couldn't be more pleased with this holster. Fits my 40c perfectly and don't notice it when I its not there. Great job guys !!! Highly recommend

Written by Chance S on Feb 3rd 2015

Great appendix holster for the shield! Makes carrying in a tshirt here in Florida an effortless task.

Top Notch Quality!
Written by Al on Feb 3rd 2015

I am so satisfied with my first holster that I will purchase for the rest of my handguns. Great quality and construction. So happy. Highly recommended.

Written by undefined on Jan 31st 2015

This holster is crazy comfortable and conceals so well I can't believe it. You can't go wrong with this for EDC.