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Foxtrot is an outside the waistband (OWB) Kydex holster made for any handgun with a weapon mounted light. Foxtrot is secured with either belt loops or Molle attachments.

Kydex thickness: .080


 As with all of our holsters we offer FREE shipping, a lifetime warranty and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 


Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 29 ratings)
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Well worth the wait
Written by Justin W.C. on Jan 27th 2020

After much anticipation, I received my order from Squared Away Customs last week. Despite the longer than stated wait time, which was beyond anyone's control, I received two well made, professionally crafted holsters for my EDC. The fit & finish is spot on, absolutely no adjustments needed to be made on my part. Furthermore, all of the edges of both holsters are rounded & even, not a sharp edge could be found. Retention on both holsters is very good with my EDC seating & locking smoothly in place. Most importantly, to me, is that the draw from both holsters is among the best I have encountered, with generous room between the grip & holster for my larger than average hands. If you're in the market for a robust, well made holster, & are willing to be patient, I suggest considering this company for your next holster project.

Extremely Positive Retention
Written by Some Guy Behind Enemy Lines on Aug 11th 2019

This holster is very well made. It has positive retention and takes quite a bit of force to hurl your pistol out of it. There's very little friction when removing from the holster, so in theory won't cause shiny spots too quickly. Be aware: when you have a huge light on the front, the channel required for the light to fit allows you to (not easily) stick something into the trigger guard from the outside. It's not a huge issue, but it's something to think about if you tend to be in an area with sticks/twigs or think that you may be beset by deadly zombie children with small fingers. YMMV. Get the magazine-holder while you're at it. It matches!

Foxtrot - custom print
Written by Eric on Aug 5th 2018

Came out perfect. Fits my Sig P320 RX like a glove. Solid retention and looks great.

Great product and artwork design
Written by Jill on Feb 26th 2018

Many thanks for doing such a great job on my holster! It was well worth the wait. I'll be back.

Amazing work and artistic detail
Written by Jill Grant on Feb 23rd 2018

I will certainly do business with Squared Away Customs in the future. I ordered a customized left handed holster, and provided a detailed photo with instructions because if I'm going to pay the money, I might as well get exactly what I'd like for a little extra. They did a fantastic job. Couldn't be happier! Amazing job.

Foxtrot for Glock
Written by Stephen on Oct 23rd 2017

I just used this holster for the Graham Combat Killhouse class. The fit and finish are great! I'm very satisfied with the quality that Squared Away Customs provides. Thanks, guys!

Foxtrot owb light bearing holster
Written by Robert Gould on May 11th 2017

Fine holster. Sits flush on my 4:00 and has a nice positive retention. Very well made. Fit and finish are superb. The fulfillment me is long, 7 weeks for a my order to be delivered , but worth the wait.

Pretty good
Written by Miguel on May 6th 2017

I love it it fits good and it looks good great product

Best holster I ever purchase
Written by Homer Tijerina on Apr 2nd 2017

Homer Tijerina

Excellent product
Written by undefined on Nov 4th 2016

Finally!!! A kidex holster I didn't have to finish for the maker. Excellent fit and finish. Well worth the wait.

M&p40c with tlr-3
Written by Andre on Nov 4th 2016

Very happy with this purchase. This is the third or fourth custom holster I've had and this is one of the best. Fit and finish is fantastic. There was a bit of a hiccup with the retention at first and the owner immediately sent me a pre-paid shipping label to have it sent back and fixed. Had it back to me in a week and am very happy with the end product. Will definitely be getting more of my business.

Worth the wait
Written by Kyle Smith on Nov 2nd 2016

Gun for perfectly and is crazy concealable. Love it!

Hands Down Best Holster and Customer Service
Written by Josh Otey on Aug 4th 2016

Bought my first squared away customs holster recently for a Glock 43 with tlr-6 attachement. This thing is smooth and secure. The customer service rocks and Mark is a down to earth man with a great product.

Written by r.a. lynch on Jul 5th 2016

Fit is fine. Wait time could be shorter.The customer service was nice and friendly. Probably will be ordering again for another edc.

Another top notch holster
Written by Jason on May 6th 2016

I've been using SAC for years. I used their gear on duty when I was a LEO. I trust my life with the quality and craftsmanship of this gear. I've been using strictly IWB gear from SAC but I wanted to try OWB conceal carry with a cover garment so that I could comfortably conceal a pistol with a light. I asked Mark several questions about the Foxtrot and a custom print and eventually settled on ordering one. Mark contacted me when he was working on my holster just to clarify a few modifications and make some suggestions. This is customer service which is rare these days. As usual, when the holster arrived the quality and attention to detail is top notch. On top of that I am able to comfortably and easily conceal this holster with a Glock 23 and Inforce. Fantastic product and amazing customer service!

Squared Away got me Squared Away!!
Written by Johnathan Celso on Apr 18th 2016

Ordered this holster for my H&K P30 which I carry a Surefire XC1 weapon light on, as well as a red dot optic. I put those instructions in the order. Mark asked me for a picture of my gun and without any measurements taken or anything the holster came in complete with a tight and exact "cutout" provision in the sweat guard for the optic mount and the first time I put the gun in the holster all I heard was a "click." NO BREAK-IN NEEDED AT ALL!!! Absolutely amazing quality and craftsmanship. Best holster I have ever purchased!!

Great Holster
Written by undefined on Mar 25th 2016

Very happy with my purchase. Great product.

Once again, Great Product!
Written by Andrew on Jan 24th 2016

Just got back from Shot Show where I finally met Mark in person. Great conversation, very knowledgable, had some samples of product that I had not seen yet, very impressed with those as well. Never thought an inside the waist band kydex would be comfy, but it was! The Foxtrot I received today was awesome too. Very happy with the logo that came on it and the color. I can only imagine how much trouble the guys had working with a white holster in a shop where most of the products are black!

Excellent Holster!!
Written by Chris on Dec 16th 2015

Received my holster two days ago and couldn't be happier with the way turned out! My sidearm fits like a glove with the tactical light attachment. I also had a custom print done with my initials and it looks great! I will definitely shop here again.

Will buy again!
Written by Andrew on Nov 20th 2015

I've been wearing this holster for the past week and so far I love it. Nice and comfortable and it feels like it will take a beating with how thick the kydex is. Will definitely be purchasing more in the future!

Great holster
Written by Bryan on Nov 5th 2015

Great product. Well made. Took a little longer than expected though. Will order again.

Perfect fit and very well made!
Written by Larkin Lair on Oct 23rd 2015

I absolutely love my SAC Foxtrot for my M&P 9L with TLR-2. The fit and finish are perfect and the fact the SAC offers Thin Blue Line and Thin Red Line accents to a great American Flag patterned holster is awesome! God Bless America, and thanks SAC!

Great holster!
Written by Nathan on Aug 16th 2015

Great fit, comfortable, great quality. Best holster I've bought.

Best holster on the market
Written by cody on Jul 26th 2015

Hands down the best holster around. Perfect molding, great style, super low profile design, and couldnt be happier with the durability.

Outstanding Product
Written by undefined on Jul 16th 2015

Fantastic product and customer service! I ordered this "taco style" iwb for my 19 w/ TLR-1HL and couldn't be happier. Status was clearly communicated so I was never in the dark. Very high quality product, adjustable retention and didn't go excessive on the kydex. Plenty of room to get a good purchase on firearm while its holstered and extremely comfortable to wear all day. I forget its even there. Will definitely be ordering more in the future, thanks again!

Foxtrot for M&P with TLR-3
Written by Gary Stanley on Jun 22nd 2015

Fit and finish is excellent as expected.

VP9 Foxtrot
Written by Bob McIntyre on May 3rd 2015

Foxtrot with Streamlight TRL-4 for My HK VP9 had a very tight fit. I sent an email to Mark @ Squared Away and with his help I was able to make slight adjustments to the holster to make it a great fit without having to ship it back. Great customer service.

won't buy from elsewhere
Written by Josh on Apr 20th 2015

Been buying holsters from Mark since i found out about his work. Up to 6 now. Fit finish and attention to detail are top notch. Free shipping and a discount for first responder's and military can't be beat. I have foxtrots for both inforce and steamlight applications both fit perfectly and function without a hitch. My M&P H&k Sig glock and Springfield all rock a squared away customs holsters

A solid, well constructed product.
Written by Andrew on Mar 12th 2015

I've been carrying this holster every night at my job for my brand new P226 and I honestly can't find a single thing wrong with it so far. Consider this, I placed the order with this holster nearly 3 weeks after I had ordered from a competing custom holster company. Squared Away Customs delivered the product before that competitor and saved me $. There's nothing more agonizing waiting for a new piece of kit, but Squared away came through. The Foxtrot model comes with well fitting and measured beltloops so it doesn't side around your belt like other holsters I have. Also doesnt take up a huge amount of duty belt real estate like other light bearing holsters, its a real slick fit. Probably my favorite option is the fact that you can adjust the cant of the holstr to your needs just by placing the belt loops on any 5 of the riveted side holes, easily adjusting for height as well.