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Five-O is an outside the waistband (OWB) Kydex holster with a 2nd level of retention using a Safriland SLS Hood System.  This holster is made for a majority of handguns with or without a weapon mounted light.  Five-O is secured with either belt loops or Molle attachments.

Please keep in mind, Safariland does not sell the SLS hoods. So all SLS hoods on our holsters are pre-owned but are in 100% functional condition.

Kydex thickness: .080


 As with all of our holsters we offer FREE shipping, a lifetime warranty and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 


Product Reviews

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Five-0 Holster
Written by Beau Kohler on Mar 15th 2020

The holster does what it is meant to do, which is to have retention on the holster. This one does just that without the shroud. I use this holster as my "Court Holster", instead of using a full duty belt if its my day off. The only issue I've had is with the plastic loops for the belt that came with the holster, which were loose and needed tightening upon arrival. I have replaced these with larger and more sturdy pieces for additional comfort. It is a well made holster which is worth the wait time.

Written by Michael on Jul 22nd 2019

Excellent holster! It's hard to find a quality duty holster with my VP9, RMR, suppressor sights, threaded barrel, and Streamlight TLR-1HL. The fit is perfect, quality is wonderful, and the SLS hood is better than some of the other Bladetech (not bad, SLS is better) options out there! Very pleased with product!!!

Written by Matt on Jan 10th 2019

I have had this for about 6 months now and I am quite satisfied. The fit is nice, even if the hood is down the gun still stays in the holster when turned upside down and shaken lightly. Close inspection shows it has good quality construction. I have two criticisms: 1. The holster itself is a little wider due to the hood used to secure the holster but there really isn't much that can be done about this and still have a rotating hood. You would have to have a simple strap and snap which would save maybe ¼ inch of width. 2. The belt loops have a bit more width than they need so the holster does not suck into the body as much as I would like. I haven't checked if I can get belt loops that have a smaller opening but I would prefer narrower ones. Of course some might not want the gun pulling into their side as much so it depends on the user. If it doesn't pull into the body as much it sticks out a little bit more and may be an issue for someone who doesn't want the printing.

Great custom holster when no one else would make me one
Written by Brandon T on Jul 7th 2018

I found out that they lost one of their holster makers, so it took 3 months to get my holster plus a double-mag, double-stack magazine holder as well...but so far it was worth the wait. I've got a decently customized M&P 9 with an oversized compensator that wouldn't allow for a closed-bottom holster, so they went and left the end open...and even though it's not the normal design, it still looks good and is very functional. It also holds a Streamlight TLR-1, which seems to be the primary thing holding onto the gun, and is *almost* too tight...but after following the FAQ suggestion of oiling the inside of the holster, it now retains perfectly. As far as kydex goes, it seems thicker than most brands and I'm not sure how they color/pattern it, but the coloring seems to hold on really well and has only been scarred on the few places where an edge from the Streamlight catches it, but even so the overall coloring/pattern seems really solid and resistant to scratches. About the only thing I can think of to complain about - and it's not so much a complaint as a "concern" - is that the standard "belt loops" are made from plastic and wider than my belt (as in, I could probably fit 2 layers of belt through it, maybe more), and although it is thick, I still worry that if I were to fall on it/run it into a wall/abuse it during training/etc. that the belt loops might crack. I picked up some Malice clips, which replace them just fine for a MOLLE setup, but I'm planning on buying the "speed clips" and/or 3D printing something to reduce/prevent the possibility of that happening. Still, as I said this is not a complaint about the product, just a concern. I've only had it for a week or so now, and have only worn it around the house plus draw-and-dry-fire practice with the exception of one range trip, so this review is based off of that alone. But still, for the price - and accepting the unusually long delay - so far I can say that it was worth the wait.

Five-O Review
Written by Mark on May 25th 2018

Given the highly personalized nature of a custom holster, expect a little bit of production time. However, you're going to get a 1-of-a-kind product that will fit your Sidearm like a glove. I ordered a Kydex holster for my H&K Mark 23 w/rail+LAM, nobody else was able to make one for me, but Mark was able to knock it out of the park.

Written by Josh on Dec 16th 2017

Just wanted to emphasize the fact that there a 1000's of kydex holster manufacturers out there, the material is tried, tested and true. But, with so many kydex options available, it can be a somewhat daunting task "sifting" through and determining what is "just another moulded holster", and what is truly functional and an innovation to the ever growing industry. In my experience, (7yrs Army, 5yrs fugitive recovery) no one, I repeat, NO ONE puts the time and effort into their craftsmanship and quality of product like Mark and his team. The Attention to detail is beyond any product I've ever carried or seen at the range, and when it's for duty carry, your life depends on it's claims to ability and function, which is damned important in my book. Furthermore, Mark reached out to me personally to ensure my satisfaction of this product, which to me says it better than anyone, they stand behind what they make, and if it's not to your standard, they will do what they can to make it right. Thanks Mark for the wealth of knowledge and a truly great product which far exceeded my expectations, and I look forward to filling my Christmas list with many more products from SAC soon!!! Happy holidays, stay safe!!

Love it...
Written by Derek on Aug 23rd 2017

This is my first and only (currently) custom holster; I'm using for my 4" Mod.2 9mm with TLR-2. Fits great and feels natural.

Perfect Fit
Written by Erik W. on Jul 27th 2017

Clean cut and fits well. Solid click and retention feels just right. The hood works great and can easily be removed if concealed carrying all day, then put back for a day at the range or open carry. Color matched my SFA Mod.2 4"threaded barrel perfectly...

awesome Holster
Written by Dan on Jul 27th 2017

Pre-ordered this holster for my new Beretta APX back in April. Got the holster a little while back and it has been amazing. At first, it was almost too tight where I needed to use my thumb to keep the slide from racking. After a bit of practice drawing and holstering things got much better. This has become my go-to open carry holster (and gun) now that I have it. Will likely order a foxtrot so I can conceal the APX in larger summer clothing (the hood makes this impossible on the Five-O) but this will work great for concealing under a winter jacket come the cold Wisconsin winters.

Five-0 review
Written by Steven Pickett on Apr 8th 2017

I love this holster! The wait is long but it is worth it! I bought one for my Glock19 with a TLR-2 (light/laser). The natural retention with the cover disengaged is amazing! The added safari land retention strap is a welcomed addition.. I took it out hiking with me and to be honest I slipped n busted my a** but the holstered held up with a 220lb male landing on it!

Five-O for H&K Mark 23
Written by Ed Christensen on Mar 7th 2017

Fit on pistol and overall look are excellent

Custom Five-O
Written by Jason on Jan 22nd 2017

I've been talking to Mark for a long time about doing a custom Five-O mounted on a Safariland UBL. I finally pulled the trigger and had him make one for me to use with my battle belt setup. If you're looking for the Five-O you obviously need some type of holster with extra retention. Look no further as this fits the bill perfectly! Holster makers have been mounting their holsters on Safariland products for a long time, but a couple things set this holster apart from others. One thing Mark does with his holsters is eliminate sharp edges and points on his holsters. I don't understand why some of the biggest holster companies fail to do this. I don't want sharp points digging into me when I'm running my gear. The second thing he does is create holsters that have quality retention. Other holster companies have holsters where the gun will literally fall out of the holster if you turn it upside down. This is meant for competition shooting and entertainment speed driven shooting. I do not believe a "fighting" holster should have limited retention. Mark's holsters have just the right amount of retention where you don't have to worry about the holster falling out, but you can still draw it swiftly and efficiently. Thanks again for another great piece of gear.

Great holster
Written by Larry on Nov 22nd 2016

Fit and finish are excellent

High quality, perfect fit!
Written by on Sep 15th 2016

The long wait was well worth it. This is a high quality holster that perfectly fits my 9mm.

Great holster
Written by undefined on Aug 26th 2016

Great holster pistol fits well. Release lever is a lill tricky sometimes.

Very happy
Written by Special Agent on May 26th 2016

Customer service is great! The holster took a while to arrive but in my opinion, that just means they took their time making it. It's not a slim, easily concealable holster so if that's not a priority, it's a great buy. I suggest putting Loctite on all screws. Very happy with my purchase, I use it every day at work.

Well worth the "weight" !
Written by Eduardo Ocasio on Nov 11th 2015

Waited for several weeks for this light weight holster that has a nice slim profile and is well worth it. Very nice design and keeps weapon nice and secure.

Written by LE Off. on Jul 2nd 2015

Best holster I had used. Im a Detective and looks good when well dressed and you still can have your tactical light mounted

Written by undefined on Apr 1st 2015

Great Holster and customer service

I'm 8
Written by undefined on Apr 1st 2015

Great Holster and customer service