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Alpha is an inside the waistband (IWB) adjustable retention Kydex holster. It features a wide rigid clip to be secured to your belt and is generally carried at the 3 to 6 o’clock position.  

Alpha is Squared Away Customs flagship model holster; the convenience and concealability of this holster makes it by far our most popular IWB option. 

Kydex thickness: .080


As with all of our holsters we offer FREE shipping, a lifetime warranty and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 


Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 128 ratings)
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Alpha - a great holster
Written by Fred Cooper on Jul 16th 2020

I now have over 10 holsters from Squared Away, they are my favorite, and fit and finish is outstanding. A+ thanks guys. P.S. have some old school revolvers (6" model 19 & 6" model 29, wish you would make some OWB for those...)

5/5 stars
Written by Jacob K Fowler on Feb 1st 2020

Amazing holster for my Glock 19. Audible click when in the holster, retention is good but not too stiff. Everything was as advertised. Would heavily recommend if you are on the fence.

Best holsters on the market.
Written by Mark on Mar 30th 2019

I hate waiting but its always worth it. I have 3 alpha and 2 kilos need a owb next. this is a no nonsense holster add the claw and no printing even with the most fitted shirts. My oldest one is going on 5 years and its 100%. I carry cz and I'm left handed so Squared away was the only place to get a holster for a long time. i cant say enough for the customer service . And the holsters are all day comfortable I'm a metal fabrication and welder and my holster and gun stay in place all day.

absolutely awesome
Written by stephen on Oct 31st 2018

Loving my new Alfa holster it is surprisingly comfortable for being all kydex I wear it all day with no discomfort works well for my Sig p320 the retention is great looks great and conceals well money well spent I recommend my holster to everyone I know that carries when I get another pistol i'm coming back though it did take a long minute to get my holster it was well worth it it took about 3 months cause it is custom

Written by Philip Fortin on Oct 16th 2018

I bought the Alpha for my Beretta PX4 Storm 45 ACP Full Size and it was AWESOME. The retention is excellent. Fully loaded I can shake the holster upside down and the gun stays put. It is WICKED comfortable as well. So glad I bought it and was able to support a company from my home state of NH. My only warning to buyers is it took about 11 weeks to get it, but well worth the wait.

Another great one!
Written by Kyle on Sep 24th 2018

All the holsters I buy are from SAC and the quality is always perfect! It does take a while to ship but its worth it!

Alpha Holster
Written by Mark on Sep 9th 2018

What a superb holster. I've had several holsters but none of this quality. The attention to detail is second to none. I have a Smith &Wesson M&P 40 2.0 and it fits perfectly. I like to hear the clock when I know that my weapon is secure. I just can't say enough about this holster. It takes about 8 weeks to get it but it is well worth the wait. What makes it even better? HANDMADE IN THE USA. MAGA. Support the 2nd Ammendment and protect it.

Written by Doug on Aug 19th 2018

This is my second Alpha. The first was purchased for a commander length 1911, and most recently for a Glock 19. The fit, comfort and retention of both is very good. I can wholeheartedly recommend these for IWB carry.The last thing I want to do is buy another holster that ends up in the unused Holster box. The next purchase will probably be an Oscar as I'm confident it will be a good piece of gear. While the wait can be a little long, Squared Away Custom products are worth it.

Alpha holster
Written by KJ on Jul 20th 2018

Get this holster! Over the past 25 years, I have spent a lot of time & money on holsters. This holster is really excellent, perfect edc/CCW Holster. It’s worth the wait, and he money!

Amazing Holster
Written by Bryan on Jul 13th 2018

This is exactly what I wanted for my EDC and this Holster surpassed my expectations it is well designed and makes carry IWB very easy.

Written by John on May 6th 2018

I do believe this is our 4th Alpha and it is outstanding, reliable and comfortable. Thank you Mark and company.

Written by Ray on Apr 7th 2018

Excellent Product. Replaces all other holsters.

Alpha holster
Written by John Sivy on Apr 5th 2018

Again, you guys knocked it out of the park! I had an Alpha holster made for my CZ p 10 c several months ago and was extremely happy as to the quality of craftsmanship and detail in the holster. So, I ordered another alpha holster for my CZ 75 D PCR compact pistol and it turned out awesome. Pistol retention is great , craftsmanship superb, with attention to every little detail, and it is so minimalistic that it is easy to conceal. In fact my buddy has the same pistol and has tried 2 other holsters then saw and wore mine for a day and ordered one as well. Great Job to Squared Away Customs. They will always be the go to for holsters for me!

M&P 2.0
Written by Trickydogshow on Mar 20th 2018

I’m really hard to please when it comes to craftsmanship and quality of materials. I’m very pleased with this holster. It took longer to produce than stated on website but I couldn’t be happier with attention to detail and fit n finish. 5 stars.

Written by Justin Keziah on Dec 2nd 2017

Great product and I am very pleased with my purchase.

Alpha for CZ p 10 c
Written by John Sivy on Nov 30th 2017

Have been wearing this holster for about a month and a half now. Great holster worn at the 3 o'clock position. Great retention, snaps in and out crisply. Overall great product and great craftsmanship.

Alpha for HK P30sk
Written by Jeff on Aug 16th 2017

Quality. As a lefty, it is always a challenge to find a holster-Not anymore! The retention is almost too good. I definitely know that my firearm is secure and protected. I immediately got into some draw practice and I noticed that my little p30sk did not have any scuffs or marks on the frame or slide after several draws even with the vice-like retention. Cool!

Alpha IWB Holster
Written by Nick on Aug 16th 2017

Been running this holster AIWB carry for just under a year. Absolutely no complaints, adjustable tension screws hardly need tuning and the holster fits like a glove to my glock 19. I will run this holster for many years to come.

For my FN 509
Written by David McArthur on Jul 27th 2017

Love it. Always easy to clip on and off the belt.. Smooth putting it in and out of holster.. Great quality because of the smooth edges.. My other one is still in perfect condition..

Carbon fiber appendix holster for Sig P320
Written by Michael P. Stark on Jun 7th 2017

Absolutely the best holster I have ever had, quality is impeccable! Love it and the fit and finish is superb!

Written by Aaron Falmlen on Jun 2nd 2017

I love the alpha. Not bulky, stays secure on your belt with good clips, and retention is perfect. At such a reasonable price I'm not using anything else.

FDE 320C Alpha Holster
Written by Charles Kauwell on May 22nd 2017

This holster has excellent retention, oustanding fit and finish, most significantly the most comfortable wear I from an all-kydex holster I have used so far. I will end up making additional purchases of thus holster for my other handguns.

Excellent quality
Written by undefined on May 16th 2017

I purchased the Alpha holster for my Springfield XDS9mm after seeing positive reviews online. I received in 8 weeks, which was a long time to wait, but to be totally fair, the wait time was specified as 6-8 weeks average, so they met their specified expectations. Quality is legit, it looks great and has a has a very polished finish. The fit with my XDS was very snug at first, but after working it in and out a few dozen times it is no longer too snug but still has very positive retention. The wide clip provides great distribution of the weight and fits very securely with a 1.5" carry belt. This design is great for being able to take the holster off easily while still staying totally secure. I would definitely suggest to anyone, providing you can wait the 6-8 week lead time.

alpha holster and five - o
Written by mark d on Apr 25th 2017

I have purchased a few kydex holsters from various manufacturers and I honestly can't tell which one came from where because they are so similar in construction and quality of materials. but, i did notice the retention on this holster is much better than any of my other holsters. the only negative aspect of this purchase was it took 8 weeks to get the two holsters i ordered. it normally wouldn't have been a bid deal considering other manufacturers advertise 8-12 week lead time but i did choose squaredaway because i was hoping i would get my holsters sooner than later.

Written by Stuart on Apr 24th 2017

Awesome product, awesome people to work with. My alpha was delayed but they made sure I knew that and made it right! Looking forward to ordering a oscar!!!

Great Holser (w/1 recommendation)
Written by Jeff on Apr 13th 2017

Overall I was very pleased with the quality and fit of this holstster. The only improvement I would recommend is to make it with an adjustable cant and ride height. I realize you sell different cants, but an adjustable model would be nice. Overall great quality - no complaints! Thank you for a wonderful product!

Written by Andrew Steirman on Apr 4th 2017

Wow ! No surprise !!! This is my third Squared Away Custom holster. As usual the fit and finish are outstanding. The order was received in the promised time frame. I ordered this for a somewhat unusual handgun an got a no problem, we can do that. Mark continues to hit it out of the park. He also uses a proprietary belt clip hat stays put. Don't mess with perfection.

Great Product
Written by D. Barham on Mar 15th 2017

This is a great holster. The fit is snug and the finished product is worth the price. Very pleased with it!

Written by Grant on Mar 14th 2017

Fits perfectly! Love the Typhon pattern. It did take about 7.5-8 weeks to arrive but was very satisfied overall!

Written by Rick B on Mar 7th 2017

Fits like a glove.......wore it all weekend long after getting on Thur. Forgot I had it on, never noticed it all :) Thanks for a great, quality product.

Fantastic product
Written by Gary on Mar 2nd 2017

Superior customer service from Mark, for a superior product. I have many of Mark's holsters and plan to get many more. As I told Mark when I purchased my first holster from him, I'd be back. What makes the difference to me as a consumer is the person on the other end of the phone. I have holsters from other manufacturers (lots of them) I am replacing them all with Mark's holsters.

IWB holster Alpha
Written by Chad Comstock on Feb 8th 2017

This holster is an extremely well make kydex holster. These folks produce a great product.

Probably My Most Comfortable, Best Concealable Holster!
Written by John A. on Jan 4th 2017

Squared Away Customs has converted me from custom leather holsters. I own several and two SAC holsters. My first, the Spartan is my "go-to" holster for everyday use. Until I spoke with Mark on the phone regarding a custom Alpha. Most holsters, leather or kydex, place the retention clip or loops parallel with the firearm. That is, when worn, the butt of the gun will be parallel with the belt, making it more prone to printing. To "fix" this, my custom leather holsters have centered the retention (clip or loops) to place the butt of the gun in an angle towards the body. The problem with leather is, it eventually becomes soft; absorbs moisture like a sponge; etc, etc. Mark made me an Alpha holster for my Sig that wedges the mounting clip outward, pushing the butt of the gun towards me, like my custom leather holsters. Except, SAC's kydex is impervious to moisture, does not become soft, and is very light and thin. I was very impressed that Mark took the time to talk to me and shoot around ideas about holsters. And that he made me this wonderful new holster that has retired my custom leather holsters that cost 2-3x as much. :\ Bravo Mark! Thanks for another wonderfully innovative product!

Alphs IWB
Written by john angelini on Jan 1st 2017

This is my second Alpha IWB kydex holster from Squared Away and I am just as pleased as the first. The quality of workmanship is excellent.

Alpha holster
Written by Raul on Dec 19th 2016

Top notch. Excellent craftsmanship. Will be buying more!

Alpha for Ruger LC9s
Written by Stephen Jay Coyle on Dec 13th 2016

Received holster yesterday, wearing it today. Very comfortable and easy to fit on belt. This is my second SAC holster. I bought the alpha for my S&W Shield earlier and liked it so much I ordered one for my Ruger LC9s. These are my two favorite carry guns, so I now am very comfortable carrying eaither one. I am sold on SAC holsters.

Excellent kydex holster
Written by undefined on Nov 16th 2016

Fits my shield perfect, i got the kryptek design, looks very nice.

Top quality
Written by undefined on Oct 30th 2016

Well worth the wait

Written by undefined on Oct 28th 2016

This is a good product, durable. The gun is a bit snug. I ordered it August 26 and received it mid October.

6 Stars, And Here's Why
Written by David A Matz on Oct 26th 2016

Based on level of customer service alone. I was a huge pain in the fanny. Just one day before I received the notice of shipment for my order, I contacted Mark and asked if he could accommodate my request to change to a different holster style altogether. He agreed. Prior to that, he and his team patiently addressed every single question and concern I had. If J.D. Power gave an award for holster manufacturers, Squared Away would be the gold standard. While one of its competitors comes close, it seems that the keen competition in holster making drives increased customer satisfaction. A real plus for the customer. The workmanship of the holster is excellent. Appears it will be durable as well as comfortable. The one downside is if you want a quicker turn-around time. 6-8 weeks is a long time unless you already own a decent holster. But these folks worked hard, and smart, to earn my utmost respect and good will. Very positive experience for me. For Mark and team, appreciate your work ethic.

Awesome Holster
Written by dlink012 on Oct 19th 2016

Saw this on Four Guys Gun channel on YouTube and decided to try it out on my S&W M&P9 Shield. I carry appendix and it is very comfortable, nothing pokes or prods, quality of the finishing is top notch, trigger guard is covered, and the profile is minimal. With the hot weather here in Fl, I wear this holster with gym shorts all the time and I haven't had any issues. Highly recommend for first holster, and for those that have high expectations from their kydex.

High profile musician's perspective from stage!!!
Written by Anonymous due to my profession on Sep 30th 2016

I am a professional musician who travels and performs at venues where television cameras, personal cameras, videos and many other visual angles are present. This also includes rather avant-garde outfits for performances along with lots of movement using wireless microphones while moving through audiences. I ordered the strong side carry in carbon fiber black with Rigid Belt Clip. Fit:-> My walther pps/m2 not only fit absolutely PERFECT, it made an audible click when completely inserted. Comfort:-> It's not an understatement to say that I own so many IWB holster that I can't count them all. This will be my only purchase from now on if it lasts as well as it looks. Reliability:-> On stage last night, I jumped. I ran. I moved through the audience. I bumped into people and there was never a hint of the rig coming out or getting loose to the point where I was concerned. At one point I forgot I had it on and was amazed because I thought it had come off when in fact it was still perfectly attached!!! AFTER the GIG: -> Shaking hands, getting hugs, loading my gear for the road etc... and not one person ever noticed it. I am ordering more for my other pistols.

Great IWB Holster
Written by undefined on Sep 19th 2016

This holster is easy to use and very comfortable at a GREAT price!!

Written by James on Sep 16th 2016

This holster is tits! I carry it right next to my junk and it feels great. This will be my go to holster company. Thank you and good work.

The Purchase of the Alpha & Lima
Written by Kevin A Ray on Sep 8th 2016

So far I have purchased 2 Alpha's &1 Lima and to say I am very satisfied with all 3. The easy handling , solidarity , the way they fit and overall look of these inside the waistband holsters is everything I wanted. I would suggest these Squared Away Customs holsters if you want a very reliable holster.

Fits like a glove
Written by Chris Thompson on Sep 6th 2016

I have this for my G33 and Ruger .380, the fit and hold are excellent. I carry every day and these holsters are super comfortable in jeans, shorts, or dress pants.

Everything you would expect
Written by Daniel M Brown on Sep 2nd 2016

Quality in material and workmanship is very high. Mark has always been great to deal with.

Great Holster
Written by TYLER VAN ZANDT on Aug 31st 2016

Holster is perfect, love everything about it. Very comfortable, great fit. Gladly will purchase another. Shipping takes a while (took longer than the approximate time), worth the wait though.

simple, awesome and at a price a regular joe can afford
Written by Igor Polenov on Aug 30th 2016

Got my Alpha in record time. Very simple, slick, conceals nicely, holsters and draws nicely, adjustable retention, I mean simply perfect and done in record time. There is a few kydex smiths in VT and beyond, but if you want fast service and near perfect product, Squared Away is the only choice!!!!

Written by Keith Vlach on Aug 29th 2016

Very comfortable , very secure . No worries falling out. Built very well. No reason to get other holsters.

Perfect Product and Service
Written by Keith on Aug 24th 2016

Great product, great price and exceptional customer service- what more can you ask for. These guys are true craftsmen who go the extra mile for their customers. They were able to customize my Alpha for a RMR that I purchased AFTER my order. Fit and function are perfect. Thanks SAC, you've got anther loyal customer!

The Best IWB Holster
Written by Calvin on Aug 19th 2016

Top Quality and Customer Service! I will only be buying from SAC!

New home for the Walther
Written by undefined on Aug 17th 2016

Love the fit of the black leather, feels great on the skin, forget you have it on. For a gun that was not on there list at the time, they got it right, down to covering the mag release

Written by on Aug 1st 2016

I have several kydex, kydex / leather hybrid holsters. The Squared Away Alpha is so comfortable I forget it's there and retention is awesome.

Badass and low pro !!
Written by Jason on Jul 21st 2016

Really happy with my recent purchase of the Alpha appendix carry holster ! Great workmanship and quick delivery !

Walther pps m2
Written by undefined on Jul 8th 2016

Very nice, fit and finish are superb.

Great Service and Product
Written by Frank on Jul 8th 2016

You can tell the pride they take in their work, very fine craftsmanship and quality, that's why i have two of them! rounded edges make it smooth, the kydex colors are beautiful.

Great product, great service from SAC
Written by Nick on Jun 24th 2016

The quality, retention and finish of my new holster is top shelf. I will be a repeat customer for sure.

Written by Matt Malone on Jun 23rd 2016

Great holster. It's evident that the company put a lot of effort in to their products. The holster sits right and has smooth edges so as not to nick a hole in your drawers or be uncomfortable. Only criticism is the holster holds my firearm too tightly. I picked up a longer rubber spacer and that should do the trick.

Alpha for Springfield Armory XDS
Written by Joshua Brewer on Jun 22nd 2016

Great holster! I love the belt loop clips because I never have to worry about my holster coming out with my gun. Also, the retention is great, the gun "clicks" into place and I know it is secure until I'm ready to take it out. I had one made for a Springfield Armory XDS and it fits comfortably on my hip. I'm very please with this product. Well done!

Best you can buy!
Written by Bryce Reinhardt on Jun 20th 2016

Comfortable. secure. Best I've ever bought. Recommend to anyone!

My Alpha review
Written by Mark Mellin on Jun 13th 2016

Sorry about taking so long, but I've been using it. profile is low and comfortable. I've been pinched a couple times though but I'm getting used to it, so far I'm liking it.

My 2nd alpha
Written by undefined on Jun 8th 2016

Just received my 2nd alpha holster from Mark and Squared Away Customs...just like all the other holsters that I have purchased from Mark the quality is high attention to detail is top notch...the fit between the gun and holster is perfection , great retention...will definitely be ordering more

Quality Product
Written by undefined on May 30th 2016

This holster has firm retention and a smooth draw. My Glock 43 is very comfortable in it and conceals well with just shorts and a tee shirt.

Squared Away Customs is the BEST!
Written by Brandon Clark on May 19th 2016

If anyone out there is in the market for a top quality kydex holster, Squared Away Customs is the best. I ordered my Alpha, AIWB holster a few weeks ago and I couldn't be more pleased with it. The fir and finish on this holster is perfect. The Alpha holster fits over my Glock 19 like a glove! I'll never purchase a holster from any other maker or company. Thank you so much, Squared Away Customs for delivering a top notch product in a timely fashion! Sincerely, Brandon Clark Utah

Best Ever!
Written by Greg Mitchell on May 19th 2016

I just purchased my second Alpha holster, and I have to say that it is the best ever. Squared Away Customs holsters are a little more expensive than their competitors; however, the quality and customer service are exceptional and well worth the additional cost.

Glock 42
Written by Kyle on May 19th 2016

Great fit, great comfort, great access, awesome customization! I'll be ordering again someday!

Comfort with appendix carry
Written by Chris on May 12th 2016

I ordered the P320 and wasn't sure where to get an appendix holster that would work for me. Someone pointed me in the direction of Squared Away Customs and I am glad they did. I wore the holster the entire 6 hours I was in the car and was never that uncomfortable where I needed to take it off. While wearing shorts it seemed to tip a bit towards the grip which forced a slight adjustment to grip the firearm but overall this is a fantastic holster!

So comfortable!
Written by Shawn Thomas on May 10th 2016

Best holster I have ever owned! Great company and amazing service! Well worth it!

Written by Rick on May 3rd 2016

As comfortable as tucking my weapon without a holster and no fear of it slipping. Easily adjustable, great construction and no sweaty leather backing on hot summer days. Worth every penny, and the wait.

Slim, Sleek, Simple, and Superior Quality
Written by Big Al on Apr 22nd 2016

I love the slim profile, sleek lines, simple design, and superior quality. The carbon fiber finish gives it that extra + !! I started carrying my LC9s in this holster right away and it really hugs my right side beautifully. I moved my carry position from "4:30" to "3:30" with the Alpha cause it is so sleek and cant angle -- which actually makes access easier and quicker. The only thing that would make this holster better is a matching slime, sleek, and simple double mag carrier for my two spare LC9s mags. Outstanding product! Get one -- or two -- you won't regret it!

This holster is tits!
Written by Andrew on Apr 22nd 2016

I bought the alpha for my glock 17 and it's tits. The fit and finish is second to none. This holster fits the gun great and conceals and rides like a dream. I would highly recommend squared away customs for any holster needs. Keep up the great work

Great holster
Written by Jeremy on Apr 15th 2016

Extremely good quality!! No sharp or unfinished edges. I will definitely be buying more for different pistols.

Great Holster
Written by undefined on Apr 15th 2016

I'm extremely pleased with my purchase. It did take the entire 8-weeks to arrive but it was well worth the wait. Very well made and easily concealable.

Alpha / Smith & Wesson M&P9c
Written by Warren Lenehan on Apr 11th 2016

I received my Alpha holster from Mark and Squared Away Customs for my M&P9c and am blown away by the top shelf quality and craftsmanship. My pistol fits perfectly and the holster is extremely comfortable to wear all day, including driving which has been uncomfortable in the past with other holster brands. I will go to Mark for all my holster needs in the future. Exceptional Holsters made in the Live Free or Die state !

Written by Troy on Apr 11th 2016

Could not be more happy with my new Alpha holster from Squared Away Customs! Fits my pistol perfectly and is made to the highest level of quality! I am a discerning customer, and am blown away with the attention to detail S. A. C. gives their products. It was well worth the wait. Nice Job!

Written by Mark P on Apr 9th 2016

Glock 27 fits perfectly and the hold is just right. Asked for custom kydex that wasn't listed and they delivered. Thanks!!

Exactly what I expected
Written by undefined on Apr 1st 2016

Received my Alpha for a Springfield XDs. Based on the reviews I had read, the holster met all my expectations. The printing is much better that my old OOWB holster.

Excellent holster
Written by undefined on Mar 17th 2016

Don't hesitate to buy, excellent retention great fit. Very pleased with the craftsmanship.

Exactly what I expected.
Written by Adam on Mar 16th 2016

Exactly what I expected. Good quality and fit.

Comfortable, quality built product
Written by Coyle on Mar 14th 2016

Just recently received holster for my Smith & Wesson 9mm Shield. Took an 8 hour road trip wearing at four o'clock position and forgot that it was even there.

Worth the wait.
Written by Rich H. on Mar 13th 2016

My new alpha holster is great. The graphics and the fit are wonderful. It's a pleasure to wear because it is so minimal. Great work, and I look forward to ordering in the future.

Simple. Sturdy.
Written by undefined on Mar 4th 2016

Simple kydex holster. Sturdy clip. Gun stays snug against the body and in position throughout the day. No sharp edges or hard angles to poke.

Quality merchandise
Written by undefined on Mar 3rd 2016

First time buyer. when I order the item I wasn't sure what the product would look like when finished. when I receive the product I was very pleased. it is form fitting to the weapon, every curve, every corner, and every crease has been molded around the weapon. The weapon just slides in and locks in place. very well-made and very happy with it

Great Holster
Written by Brendan on Mar 2nd 2016

The Alpha holster for my Glock 19 is just as I expected, very comfortable and conceals my firearm very well. This is my second purchase from you guys and I will be making more purchases in the future. Thank You for a great product.

Well Made Holster for Shield w/Viridian laser.
Written by Mike E. on Feb 23rd 2016

I have a 9mm Shield with a Viridian instant on laser. This holster fits my pistol perfectly and the magnet for the laser activation is in the proper place to function. The fit and finish are outstanding. No burrs or rough corners. The trigger and safety lever are completely covered which is mandatory in a well designed holster. Mine has the non adjustable retention and I feel it's right were it needs to be. It has a smooth draw and a nice click when you re-holster.

Excellent Service and Product
Written by Greg Mitchell on Feb 21st 2016

The Alpha holster that I ordered from Squared Away Customs for my Glock 17 is an excellent product. The holster is solidly constructed and very well made. Additionally, the customer service was exceptional.

Quality, well designed holsters.
Written by Kim Smith on Feb 21st 2016

I have many SAC holsters. I may have been one of their first customers when the operation was small. The quality and customer care you get from a company over time should never change. There has never been any compromise with SAC. They understand the importance of fit and finish. We put great thought into the firearms we carry. Why should a holster be any different?

custom alpha iwb for 1911
Written by undefined on Feb 14th 2016

My new custom kydex holster gets five stars. It is moulded perfectly. My gun snaps in the holster and fits very securely. I carry when I'm working on our farm and I don't have to worry about my weapon slipping out of place no matter what I'm doing. Drawing the weapon from this holster is smooth, quiet, and quick. Reholster is easy. That is very import to me. I asked for custom snakeskin finish and the words .'DON'T TREAD ON ME'. Squared Away Customs did not disappoint. My holster suits me perfectly.

Had an issue, Great customer service!
Written by Mark S. on Feb 9th 2016

I had an issue with my holster. It was an honest mistake that anyone could easily make. I was sent a G42 instead of a G43. I Contacted the owner, he responded immediately, sent a return shipping label, and made the correct holster the following business day. Both holsters were great, well made. I highly recommended squared away customs, not only for a well made holster but excellent customer support.

Perfect holster for my Glock
Written by David B on Feb 8th 2016

As many do, I have a box full of holsters. Many require the belt to be looped through and others are complicated to take on and off. As a result, I rarely carried my Glock, but instead a smaller gun I could throw in my pocket. But I really wanted to carry my higher caliber Glock. Along came this Alpha holster. It's perfect! I clips onto my belt and can be easily removed and reinserted with little effort and time. The holster molds perfectly to my gun, which clicks into place for ultimate feeling of security of knowing it won't fall out. At the same time, it has perfect tension release to pull gun out. This holster has made my gun my everyday carry once again. Thank you Squared Away!

Top notch
Written by undefined on Jan 26th 2016

Well worth the extra wait over the holidays top quality products always from Mark I will continue to order from and only through squared away customs

Outstanding holster!
Written by Travis Sigman on Jan 15th 2016

Love this holster. Fit and finish are excellent. Well worth the wait. Customer service is top notch! I will definitely deal with SAC in the future. Thanks!

Top quality product!
Written by Chris on Jan 12th 2016

Once I got this holster out of the package I could tell it was a top quality product! The design is awesome, the overall quality and construction of the holster is awesome as well. The retention is great, It's comfortable to wear, and has become my favorite holster! I will be getting my holsters from only Squared Away from now on!

Amazing high quality work
Written by undefined on Jan 11th 2016

amazing fit and finish, great retention and very nice to wear all day. I will be ordering more for my other firearms.

The Alpha
Written by Roger Dykstra on Dec 25th 2015

Great fit and finish. The snap lock retention system is awesome!

Comfort holster
Written by undefined on Nov 20th 2015

Very comfortable on the hip and the gun fits nice and snug in the holster

Great quality and service
Written by Bill on Nov 7th 2015

The Alpha is as expected a great quality slim holster for iwb. What was a great surprise, was the customer service that was above and beyond. They contacted me after the holster was done and sent me pics asking if I'd be satisfied. I was kind of hesitant in the first place getting an iwb with flashlight attachment but I was just so excited that they could do it. So they recommended what was a smarter idea and scrapped original holster and re-made a new one without light attachment ... And reimbursed me for the custom light attachment! I would have been happy with a small coupon for next purchase because I will be coming back again.

A job well done!
Written by Dean Kerste on Nov 6th 2015

I love the holster. The positive snap retention works without a flaw.

It's all in the details.
Written by Kim Smith on Oct 29th 2015

All of my holsters are Alphas and span years of acquiring. My last one is just as impressive as my first one. That's what you'll get with an SAC holster....quality, craftsmanship and consistency. 100% satisfaction is their goal. You've taken the time, done the research on the right firearm. Don't you owe your holster choice the same? SAC holsters....ahead of the pack.

Beautiful work, excellent communication.
Written by Joe Washburn on Oct 18th 2015

This is my first IWB holster and I was worried about comfort and fit. I decided to carry in the 5 o'clock-ish position or appendix (once I get over the fact that the barrel is pointed at a very sensitive area). Obviously it's an foreign object inside your waistband but it quickly became hardly noticeable. The fit and retention for my HK P30 is spot on. When I buy the HK P30 SK to use as my CC I'll be contacting Squared Away Custom again.

Solid product!
Written by Trevor on Oct 14th 2015

I recently received this holster (Glock 43 w/ TLR6) and was first impressed by its construction quality. It was made exactly how I wanted and came when it was supposed to. It's very comfortable and a great concealment holster. I called to make sure I could get everything how I wanted and got prompt, courteous, straightforward customer service. He also told me about the sale they were having to save me a few bucks. I'm quite pleased and will be ordering again for other models in the future!

Buy it.
Written by Ted on Oct 5th 2015

Have 2 ALPHA holsters. Both are great. These guys put a lot of time into their products. Won't be disappointed.

Great product
Written by Justin on Sep 18th 2015

Fit, form and function. Alpha covers all three. Solid holster with great retention. Will be purchasing more SAC products.

Alpha holster is GTG!
Written by Johnny Rambo on Sep 18th 2015

After purchasing a new Shield for light weight summer carry I began researching holsters for it. I wanted something rigid with a simple yet strong attachment method and that also covered the mag release while the weapon is inserted. The Alpha holster from SAQ was the perfect solution for my needs. I have been wearing it for a few months now and could not be happier with it. Retention is just perfect as well. I highly recommend it to anyone searching for a solid holster that they can trust.

very comfortable
Written by David H. on Sep 11th 2015

I am very happy with my holster. It is very comfortable. I like the way gun snaps into holster.

great fit looks nice
Written by undefined on Sep 2nd 2015

It's been hard to find a inside waistband holster or and holster for my H&K vp9 untill I found the alpha. This holster fits and works great, I wear it all day at work with no issues. The carbon fiber look is nice as well. Will be buying from here again.

It's solid
Written by Nabil on Aug 31st 2015

Solid holster. Only thing I don't like about it is how high my pistol rides.

Customer service at its best
Written by Dan Brown on Aug 20th 2015

Very good fit and finish. Was called on the phone to verify details of my order by Mark. Gives me a good feeling when the owner personally calls to make sure you end up with what you are looking for.

Alpha in Suede
Written by Erik on Aug 7th 2015

This is my second alpha and it's for a Sig P938. I got this one in suede and it's much smoother against skin for the summer months and will vanish with a cover garnet in the cooler months. This is about the most minimal holster I will use and it secures very well to belt and it has great pistol retention. I highly recommend it. Only four stars because I don't think there is a perfect holster. If you're on the fence you won't regret the Alpha.

Switched to the Alpha
Written by Ron on Jul 27th 2015

I just switched from my first holster (Alien Gear) to this beauty, the Alpha, and couldn't be happier. When I complained about the bulkiness of the AG holster, and what a pain it is to wear, several of my friends suggested Squared Away Customs. The SAC Alpha holster is perfectly molded for my Shield .40, and much easier to put on and take off. Ordering was pleasant and easy, and shipping is included in the price. I couldn't be happier with this holster, and plan to use Squared Away Customs for my next gun.

Top Notch Quality and Customer service
Written by undefined on Jul 13th 2015

Love the holster. The mold is not available for my pistol, so went out of his way to get the holster done on my schedule. Outstanding customer service.

Quality Holster
Written by Justin on Jun 25th 2015

This is a quality holster at a good price. I like that it isn't bulky, making it easy to conceal.

Buy it.
Written by Ted on Jun 22nd 2015

Comfortable, well made, fits gun perfectly, no bulk, worth the wait.

Best iwb holster I've used to date
Written by Brandon on Jun 18th 2015

I've carried a concealed firearm on my person almost every day for the last 9 years. As many others,I've accumulated a drawer full of holsters that u simply didn't like. The discarded holsters range from the $15 uncle Mikes up to some pretty pricey customs. For some reason, the Alpha has been the most concealable and comfortable holster I've used. The cant is perfect for 3-4 oclock carry. My glock 19 disappears under a t shirt or polo. The clip is perfectly designed allowing for easy installation but really holding the holster onto the belt well. The fit and finish on the holster is perfect and shipping and service was great. I would buy this holster again,even at a higher pricepoint.

Another Time Around
Written by undefined on Jun 18th 2015

Just received my 2nd Alpha, this time for my VP9. Quality is perfect. This holster is light, comfortable, and secure, all while being easy to remove if needed.

Alpha holster
Written by Chris Buenniger on May 16th 2015

Received my new Alpha holster for my S&W 9 Shield last week and used it all weekend. Very comfortable and easy to reholster. Will be my edc holster from now on!

Amazingly comfortable
Written by Peter on May 13th 2015

One of the most comfortable holsters I've ever used. I need to go buy more guns so I can order more holsters

Written by Richard Avery on May 11th 2015

My EDC is an S&W, M&P Shield .40. I already have a great custom leather OWB belt holster for it, a holdover from being a revolver guy, and it works great. I don't recall how, but I stumbled across Squared Away Customs a month or two ago and the more I read about the products and the company, the more I wanted to try one. I figured, what the hey, if I'm going to try Kydex, I might as well try IWB too. Finally I fell off the fence and placed my order for Squared Away Customs Alpha model in Blood Red Carbon Fiber with the single belt clip. The wait time was said to be between 3 and 4 weeks and that is exactly what it turned out to be. The fit and finish is outstanding and the adjustable retention adjusted to the perfect level for me. I carry this all day every day and it didn't take long for it to just disappear. I have to check periodically to be sure it's still there. Bottom line is that I cannot imagine an IWB Kydex holster being any better than this, and all at a really competitive price with reasonable turn around time, order to mailbox. I hereby consider myself converted. If you are looking for a new holster, give Squared Away Customs a chance to make you happy. You won't regret it.

great product
Written by Eric on May 9th 2015

Fitment and quality is top notch. I have other holdster brands and decided to give Squared Away customs a shot because of all the great things I have heard about there products and I am very happy.

Very Impressed
Written by Roland on Apr 10th 2015

This is our 2nd holster and will buy from Squared Away Customs again and again. Perfect fit and finish.

Great holster.
Written by Jim on Apr 10th 2015

This is a great holster. I bought it for my Ruger LC9s subcompact. The holster is lightweight, secure and very comfortable. I thought I'd wouldn't find an IWB holster I would want to wear. But I did with this Alpha! Great product!

Out of this world perfect
Written by Marcus Hailey on Apr 10th 2015

The alpha is the best iwb kydex holster I have owned. It provides multiple positions to carry. I am beyond satisfied with my selection and you will be too. Words can't explain how comfortable it is and can be carried all day with no problem. Alpha gets 5 stars.

great product
Written by undefined on Apr 10th 2015

Love it I'm glad I got it with adjustable retention

Best holster I've owned yet!
Written by Billy on Mar 27th 2015

Great quality work! Looks great, feels great, great work! I was hesitant at first seeing estimated 3 weeks delivery but well well well worth the wait! Great product and put together very well! Very impressed with this holster and looking forward to buying more squared away products in the near future!

As comfortable as it is attractive
Written by Todd on Mar 19th 2015

Looks great. Feels even better. Doesn't print and can easily wear all day. Easy on and off and easy draw and re holster. I would not hesitate to buy another

great product/ great workmanship
Written by undefined on Mar 13th 2015

This is a badass holster, great quality, and an awesome company. Will be doing more business definitely.

top quality gear
Written by undefined on Feb 18th 2015

I own multiple pieces of squared away customs gear. Mark never disappoints.