Mark A. Lancaster, Jr. is the founder of Squared Away Customs, LLC.  

In 2011, Mark ordered a hybrid holster from a growing holster company and LOVED it!!!  He wore it for approximately 18 months until he purchased a new firearm.  Mark contacted the holster company and requested the same hybrid holster for his new gun.  Little did Mark know that the company had grown EXPONENTIALLY; the wait time from production to delivery had increased from a 2 week delivery to 12 weeks, and the price had doubled.  Being a man of principle, Mark was not interested in paying more or waiting for a product that did not necessarily change in quality but due to demand.  He decided he would try to make the holster himself in his kitchen…he succeeded…it was NOT pretty. 

At that time, Mark was operating a local gun shop and patrons continued to comment on his DIY holster.  After almost 2 years, and a growing popularity in his craftsmanship, Mark left the gun shop and founded Squared Away Customs, LLC in 2013.

SAC takes pride in providing a quality product at a reasonable cost.  We work hard to keep our delivery times short in comparison to our competitors.  Our #1 goal is to ensure our customers are satisfied…Mark is known for responding to emails at all hours of the night to answer questions as simple as “What’s Kydex?” 

Squared Away Customs is everything but a “cookie cutter” kydex holster shop; we love doing custom work!  If you have an idea, we would love to talk to you about it.

Learn more about Mark and his journey from his interview on the TacticalPay Podcast:

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you!

Squared Away Customs, LLC